June 8, 2006

Donald Carcieri for Governor of Rhode Island: “I am doing everything I know how to control spending and make Rhode Island affordable for the average Rhode Islander”

Carroll Andrew Morse

As his formal campaign announcement yesterday, Donald Carcieri discussed what he considers to be some of his biggest accomplishments as Governor of Rhode Island over the past four years...

  • ”Rhode Island is outperforming every New England state in job growth. We’ve created over 15,000 net new jobs, and we’re on track to reach my 20,000 job goal.”
  • ”We are experiencing the largest building boom in Rhode Island’s history. Today, over 7 billion dollars are being invested in the Ocean State.”
  • ”Over the last 5 years, Rhode Island experienced the 6th highest personal income growth of any state in the country. We now rank 13th highest in the nation.”
  • ”We are doing so well, Standard & Poor’s increased our credit rating and said that Rhode Island and New Hampshire have the most positive outlooks in all of New England.”
  • ”The Big Audit has been a big success. Through the hard work of our own state employees -- not consultants or high-paid outsiders -- we will save taxpayers over 250 million dollars by the end next year. We will have saved over a half-a-billion dollars by 2010.”
  • ”We got separation of powers done and it is being implemented.”
  • ”Corruption is being rooted out and reform is underway at Blue Cross, Roger Williams Hospital and Beacon Mutual.”
  • "With the phase out of the car tax, property taxes are being reduced. Because of this reform, 32,000 Rhode Island vehicles have been dropped from our tax rolls in the last year. I plan to completely eliminate the car tax in the next 5 years."
  • ”The capital gains tax is being phased out.”
  • ”I’ve budgeted a sales tax holiday to match Massachusetts’.”
  • ”There is lots of good news on the education front. Scores are rising, schools are improving, rigorous standards are being set and renewed emphasis on math and science and technology is underway right now. Our public charter schools are thriving and educating more children than ever before in our state.”
  • ”And I promised we’d take down the old Jamestown Bridge.”

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Our state is very blessed to have such a high caliber individual so willing to fight the good fight and confront the corrupt sleaze who've run this state into the ground over these many years.
What's so impressive about Don Carcieri is that he's willing to take on this task in a state where politically he's pretty alone.
Takes major stones!
It always brings a laugh when I see certain Democrats here in Rhode Island walk around talking big and bad yet knowimg the only reason they talk big and bad is because they have numbers behind them and not because they have courage or character.
Don Carcieri has both!

PS Steve Laffey was a no show at Carcieri's announcement? lol
Why does that not suprise me in any way shape or form?
Laffey's narcissism and megalomania will be his downfall.

Posted by: Tim at June 9, 2006 7:22 AM

I still believe Carcieri and Laffey are working together behind the scenes, and Laffey's lack of attendance is just an attempt to hide that. The gov endorsed Chafee in public only because he was shamed into it by negative reaction among national higher-ups to his neutral stance in an interview. Mr. and Mrs. Carcieri are serious social conservatives, and therefore more sympatico with Laffey.

Posted by: Rhody at June 9, 2006 1:49 PM


A more likey scenario has Laffey working behind the scenes with the Dennis Michaud campaign.
Not kidding!

Posted by: Tim at June 10, 2006 8:10 AM