June 8, 2006

Donald Carcieri for Governor of Rhode Island: An Agenda for the Future

Carroll Andrew Morse

As his formal campaign announcement yesterday, Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri presented his agenda for a second term in office…

  • Continuing “to reduce taxes and limit spending by continuing to make government more efficient.”
  • Enacting “constitutional limits on taxes and spending.”
  • Giving Rhode Islanders “a stronger voice in their government through voter initiative.”
  • Reducing health care costs and insuring more Rhode Islanders “by enacting health care reform and implementing my Select Care plan”.
  • Implementing “the 5 point energy plan I put together months ago.”
  • Making “wind power and renewable energy a reality in our state.”
  • Improving student performance and giving “our children the skills they need to get good jobs by implementing my education plan giving parents real choices and repealing the moratorium on charter schools.”