October 22, 2005

Final Wilma Update, Maybe

Carroll Andrew Morse

Greetings to readers from outside of New England! These updates are targeted to the concerns of New Englanders, and the times and events cited may not be relevant to hurricane preparations elsewhere. Please consult the National Hurricane Center for the most up to date nationwide information.

The latest run of the GFDL now has Wilma safely out to sea by the time it arrives this far north. The National Hurricane Center doesn’t mention New England in its 5AM discussion, and the TV weather guys (and gals) seem confident that -- after Florida -- there’s no threat to the mainland US. The projected storm track has been accelerated, so just in case, be aware of…

Projected Entry into the North Atlantic: Monday Evening
Projected Arrival at New England Latitudes: Early Wednesday Morning

UPDATE (Saturday, 6:00 PM):

Hmmmm. The NHC keeps accelerating the forecast track. They still aren't mentioning any New England scenarios in their latest discussion, but it doesn't seem like it takes much deviation from the forecast for Wilma to bring tropical storm force winds over Cape Cod, or even Rhode Island.

Projected Entry into the North Atlantic: Early Monday Afternoon
Projected Arrival at New England Latitudes: Tuesday Afternoon