March 23, 2013

Sharp and Important Contrast: Republican vs Democrat Handling of Two Election Results This Week

Monique Chartier

In case you missed it, this past week presented an excellent opportunity to watch RI Dems and Repubs handle election results.

> At the State House, Democrats discovered that [gasp] a committee had done its job and actually voted on whether to send a bill to the House Floor, resulting in an 8-0 vote in favor. They dispatched a hatchet(wo)man to nullify the result twenty four hours later.

> During their convention Thursday, Republicans found what was undoubtedly an honest process mistake during an election that resulted in an almost-tie. They commendably refused to certify the results.

Now, party names very much not withstanding, who is better at the "demo" part of democracy?

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Another interesting contrast:

My side of the wager (unshown in above screenshots) was that Plain would admit on RIFuture that I never potentially libeled anyone. He is apparently reneging on our agreement now based on "misunderstandng"... we'll see what happens.

Original RIFuture video I referenced, if anyone is interested:

Posted by: Dan at March 23, 2013 11:59 PM

Wow. How'd we go from, "yes. She said that. I have it recorded." to "I didn't quote her as saying 'everyone was on board'"

Good job, Dan.

Posted by: Monique at March 24, 2013 7:33 AM

I can't believe what I'm reading... Plain is now accusing me of playing a "trick" on him.

I never referenced any quote other than the "everyone was on board" quote that was explicitly referenced twice in the above screenshots - I don't know how he could have misunderstood. The screenshots are unaltered other than cropping. He says he's going to write an RIFuture piece explaining the whole thing. I wish I could say I'm optimistic about receiving a fair treatment.

Posted by: Dan at March 24, 2013 10:00 AM


You're so tricky, Dan! Trapping someone with their VERY OWN WORDS. How could you???

Posted by: Monique at March 24, 2013 12:23 PM
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