January 22, 2013

Coming up in Committee: Three Sets of Bills Scheduled to be Heard by the RI General Assembly, January 22 - January 24

Carroll Andrew Morse

Let's really make the new Rhode Island General Assembly session official; the list below is based on the Rhode Island General Assembly website as of 11:00 am today...

3. On Tue, Jan 22, the Senate Rules Committee will discuss the Senate rules for 2013-2014.

2. H5086: Allows "developmental disability agencies" to operate their own "self-insurance" plans for "employees, retirees and other beneficiaries" (H Corporations; Tue, Jan 22). From the text, it's not immediately clear whether this bill is closing a loophole or defining an exception, but it does raise an interesting question of why a specific type of employer needs its own health insurance section of the law.

1. H5015: The same-sex marriage bill with nominal but basically meaningless "protection of freedom of religion in marriage" (H Judiciary; Tue, Jan 22).

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I guess we should also remind that this is the "Same Sex Marriage Equality Except Under Some Circumstances Where We Still Don't Want To Afford Two Adults the Same Rights Because We're Repulsed By Them" bill.

Posted by: Patrick at January 22, 2013 1:50 PM
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