May 8, 2012

State Budget on the Horizon?

Carroll Andrew Morse

It's not surprising that, in an election year, the Rhode Island General Assembly would like to finish up as quickly as possible and free themselves up for the campaigning phase of the political cycle. A few folks familiar with the budgetary process believe that the schedule will be as aggressive as the House Finance Committee approving a budget by the end of next week, with all legislative business for the year -- state budget, Governor’s municipal relief package (approved or not) and everything else -- being completed by the first day of June, and with any unexpected twists in the process unlikely to carry the session beyond the first full week of June.

Those who believe that the Rhode Island legislature's traditional end-of-session flurry of business is the time when the most scrutiny is required may want to plan their schedules accordingly.

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So it looks like the towns will be getting she-it in terms of pension relief.
Big surprise.
Congratulations 799, another "victory" on the road to defeat.

Posted by: Tommy Cranston at May 9, 2012 2:42 PM
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