March 15, 2012

Cicilline On Fitch's Downgrade of Prov Bonds: Told Ya So

Monique Chartier

Fitch's downgrade of Providence's bonds has brought out in a big way David Cicilline's propensity to tell whoppers.

[Cicilline spokesman Richard] Luchette said the three-step downgrade by Fitch “confirms what both [Cicilline] and Mayor Taveras have said is the root cause of Providence’s economic problems

How does this correspond, first of all, to his repeatedly bragging in 2010, when he was running for a political promotion, about the "excellent fiscal condition" of the city?

Secondly. Congressman, how could you have known? You completely stonewalled the city's internal auditor, compelling him, incredibly, to file FOIA requests to obtain information about the city's fiscal condition in order to do his job.

It is very clever of the congressman to try to get on the victim side of Providence's situation. Unfortunately, it does not conform to the quality that seems to so elude the congressman - the truth.