February 21, 2011

In E.P., New "Bosses" Start Cuttin'

Marc Comtois

East Providence, you were warned. Kinda. Faced with a $6.1 million school budget deficit, the new, labor-supported East Providence school committee took action by axing School Department Chief Operating Officer Lonnie Barham and his $109,000 salary. So, they're down to $6 million! According to the new School Committee Chair Charles Tsonos:

We have more school administrators than the City of Cranston and yet we have half the students...Our point is that we need to do everything we can to watch our costs and still provide the best education possible and allocate our resources to the classroom.
But they can't just focusing on cutting the administrative costs, which comprise 2% of the $75 million school budget (according to former SC Chair Anthony Carcieri). So, at some point, other personnel are going to have to take a hit. On another front, despite the aforementioned warnings by former EP Mayor Joseph Larisa, current Superintendant Mario Cirillo has gotten the (dreaded?) "vote of confidence."

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I smell a Caruolo lawsuit coming!

Posted by: Patrick at February 21, 2011 9:09 AM

Why, Patrick? Just because labor is now on all three sides (labor, school committee, city council) of the negotiating table in EP??? Feh!

Posted by: Monique at February 21, 2011 9:44 PM
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