February 16, 2011

Health Care "Reform" = IRS Expansion

Marc Comtois

U.S. News tells us that the IRS is ramping up because of the new health care reform plan (we're all so surprised!):

The Internal Revenue Service says it will need an battalion of 1,054 new auditors and staffers and new facilities at a cost to taxpayers of more than $359 million in fiscal 2012 just to watch over the initial implementation of President Obama's healthcare reforms.
'Ware the Tanning Taxers!!!
Among the new corps will be 81 workers assigned to make sure tanning salons pay a new 10 percent excise tax. Their cost: $11.5 million....[They] will be tasked just to handle the tax reporting of 25,000 tanning salons. They face a new 10 percent excise tax on indoor tanning services. Another 76 will be assigned to make sure businesses engaged in making and import[ing] drugs pay their new fee which is expected to deliver $2.8 billion to the Treasury in 2012 and 2013. The new healthcare corps will also require new facilities and computers.
Phew, glad this is making things all so much easier. Just kidding (obviously)....But don't forget, according to the ProJo, this complication is all because of conservatives playing with the tax code.

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I've already sent thousands to the IRS. There were no instructions, no answers, took me forever to figure out how to submit the tax due. I finally got it right, I think. Funny thing, tanning salons are taxed, health clubs that offer tanning are not. Dermatologist offices that offer tanning are not. Something about health clubs and the AMA having a more powerful lobby in Washington. 90% of tanning salons are small businesses, most owned by women. Extremely biased and unfair law, but it is the law.

Posted by: michael at February 16, 2011 12:27 PM

Welcome to the regulatory world, Michael. I'm not an accountant, but it sounds like it's time to purchase some second-hand treadmills and redesignate as a health club.

Most laws are objectively bad, i.e., grossly overinclusive, grossly underinclusive, or just all-around illogical. Biased? Nah. They just want your money. Next you'll be telling me that speeding tickets are actually about safety.

Posted by: Dan at February 16, 2011 1:12 PM

Marc: How can you write about tanning salons without mentioning this countries MOST famous "Tan Man"
the Orange Man, cry-baby John John Boehner ??

A guy who has spent more time in tanning salons.. than Newt Gingrich has spent receiving oral sex from Congressional Staffers ????

Posted by: Sammy at February 16, 2011 9:08 PM
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