September 4, 2010

If the Mayor of Providence is So Easily Confused About What He Has and Has Not Signed, Perhaps It's Not Such a Good Idea to Send Him to Congress

Monique Chartier


So during the ABC6 debate, Mayor Cicilline was asked if he would sign a pledge to

support the Fair Elections Now Act ...

Cicilline responded, “I've already done that.”

“You’ve already signed the pledge?” Segal said

“Yes,” Cicilline replied.

Oops, no, he didn't.

Cicilline is not listed as one of the signatories online and an official with confirmed he had not signed it. Campaign manager Eric Hyers said Cicilline has been referring to something else and backs even stricter campaign finance reform measures than

But apparently is floating the only signable pledge for the Fair Elections Now Act. So why did the mayor say that he signed something when he didn't?

One shudders at the possibilities.

Aide: Sir, the page is here to pick up the caucus resolution applauding both sides for the progress they made during Mid-East talks. Didn't you say you signed it before you left?

DC: Yes, it's on your desk.

Aide: (sound of papers rustling) The only thing here is the statement you signed in favor of designating a National Rutabaga Appreciation Month.

- - - -

Speaker P: David, what happened? I understood we had your support for the appropriation to draw down troops from Afghanistan.

DC: You did. I voted for it.

Speaker P: No, you voted for the resolution that all fire fighters on duty wear cat-in-the-hat top hats and matching spats in between runs. Dammit, David, now I'm going to miss a meeting to deal with the troublemakers trying to organize my vineyard.

Why put ourselves through this when it can be so easily averted?

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Providence Mayoral candidate Cicilline appeared in front of Local 799 (Providence Firefighters) seeking our endorsement for his first mayoral bid. He did not get our endorsement but while there he signed our petition to repeal the residency requirement for firefighters.

Once elected he lead the charge to keep the residency requirement and refused to publicly acknowledge that he had signed our petition.

Go figure....

Posted by: Tom Kenney at September 4, 2010 3:40 PM

David Cicilline is and always has been a lying little scumbag.If the people of District 1 are gullible enough to elect this joke of a human then there really is no hope for this state.
I said something similar about Segal,but as far as know,he isn't a liar.That's something.

Posted by: joe bernstein at September 4, 2010 6:16 PM
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