May 11, 2010

Some Tiverton Facts and Arguments

Justin Katz

I've spent the past six months or so learning the details of current debates in Tiverton government, so I've got quite a bit of information to get out into the public during this week between assemblies of the financial town meeting. Here are three posts I've put up, this evening:

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There has been a lot of intentionally misleading financial information and fear-mongering spread around on both sides. If you can't agree with that Justin, then I will use that word again: disingenuous.

Regardless, I would rather talk about the real issue here--the impact of the budget on the quality of our schools. Even if a school is not closed, where will that budget shortfall be made up? Be realistic. My basic problem with your thin strand of logic is that you claimed in an earlier response to one of my posts that level funding the schools for a second consecutive year would improve their quality. Please explain.

Posted by: j.onomous at May 12, 2010 1:54 PM

Justin: You claim that if all School Aid was to cease, the Town would need to make it up. I've got one word (number) for you: 3050. This law would seem in conflict with your 23% claim, and I'm sure it would be litigated if it came to that, but since 3050 limits any levy increase to 4.5% with the exceptions listed in 3050, there would be a certain dollar amount that the town could tax up to, and then no more. What is that limit?? Not really sure, especially since your group didn't want the town to find out. Why was that?? To actually have on record that any tax levy increase based on Municipal Affairs analysis would be very short of 23%?? TCC has been famous for claiming the Schools are screaming "the sky is falling", but isn't your 23% the same? From $5 Million in aid to none? All across the state, really??

Posted by: TheTruth at May 13, 2010 7:08 AM

I have tried to have a rational discussion with you people but I have come to the conclusion that you are lying, bullying scum. I supported part of your agenda, but tonight you pushed me over the edge. Automated phone calls to tax payers, further promoting the 22% lie. Do you think you scared enough old people to push through your selfish, greedy agenda. You have just made a very serious, committed and resourceful enemy.

Posted by: j.onomous at May 14, 2010 9:01 PM
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