April 4, 2010

Rhode Island Voter Coalition, North Kingston, Part 4, General Assembly Candidate Michael Grassi

Justin Katz

Slipping in at the end of Wednesday's Rhode Island Voter Coalition Meet the Candidates event, General Assembly candidate Michael Grassi got to go it solo for a bit and managed to run out the battery on my camcorder. (Click the "continue reading" link for more video.)

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I actually had Grossi (not Grassi) as a teacher when I was in public school. He's very full of himself and tends to exaggerate his own accomplishments, but he's not owned by special interests and he probably means what he says about low taxes and small government. I wouldn't hire him, but I'd vote for him. He can't be worse than the people we have in the GA now.

Posted by: Dan at April 4, 2010 9:31 PM
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