March 27, 2010

Some Federalism on Saturday

Justin Katz

If you're looking for a way to register your support for a return of our constitutional republic toward federalism, taking some time out, this afternoon, to count yourself among the attendees at the Tenth Amendment rally at the state house from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. would be an excellent choice. A broad cross-section of representatives of Rhode Island's right-leaning grassroots will be giving short speeches.

Unfortunately, I'm unable to make it, but if anybody wants to offer reports, pictures, or multimedia, we'll be sure to post them.

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Seriously, don't you think the 10th is mostly responsible for what got RI into trouble in the first place?

The Founders knew about the selfish interests in the state house- usually men of businesses and means who wanted to keep their gravy train on the tracks!

RI went all out in terms of doling out the money and favors, while states like MA kept a lid on things and looked to the future. Now, Ma. is officially out the recession (just got an upgrade from Moodys!), while RI may never come out of it - at least as long as you let the state and local goons control you!

And you want MORE of that? You should thanks your lucky stars about the health care bill, which will take some pressure off RI. If RI had tried to solve that from inside, you must know what would have happened.

It appears you trust RI state pols very strongly. Personally, I would guess that they need more oversight.

Posted by: Stuart at March 27, 2010 5:52 PM

So Stuart what makes you think that the federal government would provide effective and honest "oversight"? You know, the same people who completely defrauded the American people with the Porkulus bill in February and then raped us with their governmentalization of the medical industry last week?

It was an excellent event. Turnout was nearly 500, about double what I had expected. Everyone was peaceful, smiling, and friendly. Once again, we left the place at least as clean as we found it. Thank you Tim, for organizing it.

Posted by: BobN at March 27, 2010 6:22 PM

BobN, sounds like it was a nice turnout. Hope Tim and Co. keep on with this message because the 10th amendment is going to be a trigger that plays a significant role in the coming decades.
In the coming years the states are going to resist the abusive central authority of Wash DC more and more and will become much more strident and activist as the splintering of America unfolds.

Posted by: Tim at March 27, 2010 7:05 PM

Tim, the impetus is on you to show how more RI state control will HELP.....

RI got itself into this mess - not the Federal Government - although if the Bush folks had regulated Wall Street more and not spent all our money on War and the top 1%, we'd also be better off.

One has to think there is thought and a method behind your madness. You are protesting for more of what screwed you - it seems to defy logic!

As to the stimulus, last time I looked 40% of that went to tax cuts for just about everyone and the rest is going toward infrastructure, extended unemployment and other benefits to the AMERICAN PEOPLE. The value of the stock market is up about 6 TRILLION dollars since the lows. That is 10X the stim money.

Let me tell you one tiny little story from my own corner. A friend was just horribly injured in an accident. He was unemployed and his wife had been laid off. Yet he is getting the best care in the world and will not have to pay a cent. His chance of making it was about 5% and he made it.


Answer: Despite attempts by the likes of you (Sen. Bunning) to STOP unemployment and COBRA extensions, the bill went through. My friends wife therefore got extended unemployment, and also help with the COBRA payments. That covered him.

TIm, that is one of millions of stories.

Now, I know you might rather he have died and not been such a burden on all of us - with that extended unemployment and health care we are paying for - but I want you to consider if this was YOU or a member of your family.

Then get back to us about the bad things DC is doing.

Oh, thou hypocrites!

Posted by: Stuart at March 27, 2010 7:22 PM

That's quite a fantasy world Stuart lives in.

Posted by: BobN at March 27, 2010 7:56 PM

Pictures go up on A.R. at 9:30 pm! (Mostly of the signs, which conveyed the message well.)

500 is an excellent turn out. Even more so when considering that the subject of the rally, while now a vital concept, takes a bit of explanation.

Posted by: Monique at March 27, 2010 8:13 PM