March 8, 2010

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Contributions

Justin Katz

Or how about this one:

It turns out libraries across the state got framed photos of their local legislators during the Celebrating Local Libraries Week that ran from Feb. 7-14. ...

[State Rep.and Barrington High School Library Assistant Joy Hearn [D, Barrington] Hearn said no thought was given to how the public display of lawmakers' pictures might be perceived in an election year, because that was not the focus of the effort, but she believes she has already benefited from her own "READ'" photo campaign in a good way.

The Karla Harry Commission on Libraries initiated and financed the project with the intention of attracting more attention (and money) from the General Assembly. In exchange, the legislators get free publicity in public libraries. Yup. That's how it works, around here.

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I'm surprised they don't have Hollywood-style gold stars in the public sidewalks downtown with the names of state representatives on them.

Posted by: Dan at March 8, 2010 11:26 AM