January 6, 2010

Whitehouse Gets Things Backwards

Justin Katz

Of all the letters that have appeared decrying or endorsing Senator Sheldon Whitehouse's recent screed against those who oppose Obamacare, one by Pamela Burdon, of Warwick, was especially poignant:

The Nazis took my parents from their families when they were teenagers. My parents miraculously survived under impossible conditions. They then fled communism, coming here to become American citizens and work their hardest to provide for their children.

They were so proud to be Americans that they would rarely speak the many European languages they knew. ...

As a way of honoring their memory, I feel it is my responsibility to preserve the freedoms that they valued so highly. Can I sit idly by and let their America be destroyed? Could I live with the knowledge that they sacrificed everything to come here, for a better life for their future generations, only to let hastily passed legislation eventually turn this country into a replica of the ones they fled?

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Really? A "replica" of Nazism? How do you expect people to take you seriously?

Justin, go to your web browser; type in www.dictionary.com; fill in the blank with the word "hyperbole"; and study the results closely.

Posted by: Pragmatist at January 6, 2010 11:13 PM

The same can be said for Sen. Whitehouse, don't you think?

His comments were completely irresponsible and this woman's point is perhaps more valid and should be seen as carrying far more depth than the Senator could ever hope to ascribe to his opinion.

For him - a man of wealth and privilege afforded to him by the freedoms of our marketplace and the great spirit of American individualism - to speak so condescendingly about the concerns of average working men and women who fear (rightly) that their taxes are going to go up and for the first time they will be FORCED to purchased a commodity under penalty of fine and prison, is appalling.

To further liken those who oppose the bill if for no other reason than for a desire to READ the darn thing to Nazis and tyrants is even more disgusting to me.

Chris Dodd and Byron Dorgan - two pillars of the Democratic party are vacating their seats. Sheldon's only in his first term, and I for one would welcome an upstanding candidate, be they Republican, Independent, or Democrat, to take his spot in 2012.

Posted by: jim at January 6, 2010 11:31 PM

If anyone would like to see Mr.Hyperbole himself,complete with appropriate facial expressions,catch attorney Jack McConnell,Deomocrat moneybag sometime when he's on TV.The ACLU show is your best chance.This guy treats the viewer to better acting than Jack Nicholson.And he's been nominated to a Federal jusgeship by the miserable pukes we have for US Senators-the money grubber and the fool.
Yiddish Words for Local Politicians;
Jack Reed:gonif(thief)for taking the bankers' millions
Patrick Kennedy:meshugannah(crazy)
Lincoln Chafee:farblundget(can't get out of his own way)
Steven Brown(okay,not a politician):shtick dreck(what your dog leaves on the street if you don't carry a scooper)
Don Carcieri:mensch(decent guy,a gentleman)
Dean Esserman:schnorrer(someone who likes to hog it up for free)

Posted by: joe bernstein at January 7, 2010 8:02 AM
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