December 17, 2009

Senate President Teresa Paiva-Weed: "No one is Talking About Raising Taxes" (Other than the Governor)

Monique Chartier

Senate President Teresa Paiva-Weed appeared on the John DePetro Show this morning to interpret for WPRO listeners the supplemental budget that Governor Carcieri proposed in an alternate universe. Possibly John can prevail upon her to return another day and comment on the supplemental budget proposed by the Governor in this continuum.

As you know, the Govenor has proposed a property tax increase in his budget and I think you guys have done a pretty good job of covering that. And I think that is the reality of the budget that's been proposed by the Governor, you know, authorizing a supplemental property tax increase. What the Senate is saying is, when you look at the deficit, what's included in those numbers, because the projections are based upon current law, is a tax decrease, a tax cut, in this upcoming year. The flat tax is scheduled to go down once again. And the answer is, can we afford to cut taxes as opposed to having to really debate the property tax and the impact that has on so many Rhode Islanders. As you know, I've championed the property tax and tried to provide property tax relief my entire career. ...

No one is talking about raising taxes. What we're talking about is whether or raising the property tax, as proposed by the Governor, is the right way to go.

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Even though the Gov never said it or proposed it, it's an interesting spin by TPW. Just "consider" it and then grudgingly "agree with the Governor" that towns should raise property taxes.

Why is it that RI property taxes are about 40% higher than nearby MA towns, but ours need to go up?

Posted by: Patrick at December 17, 2009 10:44 PM

...pants on fi-er!

Posted by: George at December 17, 2009 11:59 PM

Hawaii unlike RI has estimated a $1 billion short fall in income year 2012.

Republican Governor Linda Lingle (lame duck term limits to 2010) is working to eliminate the budget deficit by working with the unions on contract give backs and democratic controlled GA instituting cuts, reductions in spending and salary restrictions (no new $250 million salaries in HI during firm fixed hiring freeze) now even though she will not be in office 2012. Hawaii fiscal budget by law must be balanced for two fiscal years and she is well on her way to a balanced budget in 2012!

Property Taxes; I like what the City and County of Honolulu just enacted. Even though a projected $140 million budget short fall is projected; a new class of property tax exemption was created to offset property tax rate raised $0.15 to $3.42 per $1,000.

New class is "home owner" or in layman's terms owner-occupied because so many residential units (houses, condos and apartments) are rented or leased by owners not living in the residence or out of state this class was created meaning non-owner occupied residential units no longer receive a $40,000 to $120,000 tax exemption based on age of owner.

Basically you must live 270 calendar days in a calendar year in the owned residence in Honolulu to receive an $80,000 property tax exemption reducing your property tax (exemption increases age 65 $120,000 to $200,000 age 90.

Merry Christmas from the City and County of Honolulu to me because this new exemption combined with other exemptions and discounts now places me in the minimum payable property tax requirement of City and County of Honolulu at $100 property tax a year (far cry from $2,700 in Woonsocket, RI).

There are no Hawaii property tax on cars or boats and because of my retirement income sources I am exempt from State of Hawaii income tax.

Smallest state in the union RI and 39 cities and towns can't match HI with free beaches, parks with free parking and amenities even though HI is a much larger state with less stagnating taxation?

After living over 60 years in RI I listened to the sales pitches over and over again about the RI beaches; "The Ocean State" and paid for my state beach parking sticker plus had to, pay for a shower, pay for a picnic table site, carry my trash out and waited on sewerage spillage beach closures where HI provides clean free beaches, free trash pickup, free parking, picnic tables, grounds, BBQs, bath-houses, restrooms with lifeguards and most all beaches are on a regular public transportation bus route!

If you look at RI's total tax package it nickel and dimes each resident to death. It provides no tax relief for seniors which are the states intellectual information base.

We all will grow old and be on fixed income some day!

Posted by: Ken at December 18, 2009 1:39 AM

The only one at fault for the problems in this state are the Legislative Leaders. The people in our state need a civics lesson. We must spread the word in Newport/Jamestown to rid ourselves of this clown. We need to hit Senate Majority Leader Dan Connors' district as well.

Posted by: SPECIAL K at December 18, 2009 9:31 AM
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