December 13, 2009

A Constituent Speaks out on Kennedy's Studied Indifference to Illegal Immigration

Monique Chartier

In today's Providence Journal, Deloris Issler of Cranston enumerates the ways that Congressman Patrick Kennedy poorly serves his district and the state with his views on illegal immigration and opposition to e-verify.

To this, I would only add, without snideness or rancor, that the Congressman does not enhance his image in the area of intelligence if he has, in all seriousness, mistaken racism for heart-felt concerns about budgets, jobs, sovereignty and the exploitation of undocumenteds.

Rhode Islanders are accustomed to being embarrassed by Patrick Kennedy, but his recent performance was particularly disgraceful. His opposition to an amendment requiring the use of E-Verify to prevent illegal aliens from receiving Federal Employee Health Benefits is indefensible.

Kennedy’s hostility toward the enforcement of immigration law exacerbates the problem of foreigners entering the U.S. illegally by giving them an incentive. His offensive tantrum in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on H.R. 2517 sends a clear message to illegal aliens. If they break U.S. laws long enough, we will overlook it, concede to their crimes, and give them benefits reserved for America citizens.

Kennedy gives tacit approval to swim, run, or crawl across our borders illegally and citizenship by entitlement to anyone that does. He jeopardizes the safety of those who protect our borders and undermines their efforts. Kennedy finances this through double-taxation of U.S. citizens who pay for homeland security in addition to housing, medical care, food and education for illegal aliens. It does not matter that taxpayers object, he simply refuses to meet with them.

That’s okay.

Patrick, you will hear our voices in our votes.

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We invited Patrick to participate in the RI Voter Coalition event being planned for late January, we haven't heard back...

Posted by: Gina at December 14, 2009 12:22 AM

What someone needs to do is come up with a direct study about how PK's support for "these people" (according to him, we can't call them aliens, they are people after all) is also affecting the lack of a raise in social security benefits. It's directly affecting medicare benefits. Someone needs to show that there is a finite pot of money and the more of it that goes to people who are illegally in the US, then there is less for the US citizens who have lived here for 60, 70, or 80+ years and are on a fixed income and depend on that money. Patrick Kennedy is not his uncle, he's not even his father. Why do they vote for him? If Loughlin can undercut his support with the seniors, he can go along way to cutting that Kennedy vote from 72% to 49%.

Posted by: Patrick at December 14, 2009 8:18 AM

Seriously,anyone who's been a Congressman for 16(?) years and doesn't bother to learn the legal definitions applying to a subject he's holding forth on,in this case immigration,has got a major malfunction.
Kennedy needs to read he definitions section of Title 8("Aliens& Nationality)and maybe then he can have an intelligent discussion on the subject.I'm not really hopeful that he is capable of that,but he COULD try.

Posted by: joe bernstein at December 14, 2009 1:37 PM

To say Patrick Kennedy is out of touch is an understatement. It's a credit to the stupidity of the voting public that he continues to 'represent'.

Posted by: JTR 1971 at December 14, 2009 2:06 PM

Who is stupid, the voters of Kennedy. I say the voters who keep voting him in. He has the unions, school teachers,goverment workers, Latinos and of course senior citizens who love him. For the past 10 years I heard people on all the talk shows say how stupid he is and he laughs at them every 2 years . The same goes for all the state reps and senators (Democratic party) dont pay attendion to bogs, radio shows, because the know they got it in the bag. It's a waste of time ..

Posted by: gray fox at December 14, 2009 6:03 PM