October 20, 2009

Exhibit #129,224,798 Proving That Rhode Island Is Doomed

Justin Katz

Want another bit of evidence that Rhode Island ain't done sinking, yet? Tune into the Speaker of the House race, as Ed Fitzpatrick does, here. Ed's right that this story is very Rhode Island:

In the small world of State House politics, the contest is coming down to three lawyer/legislators who shared a Broadway office building in the 1990s — House Majority Leader Gordon D. Fox, D-Providence, Rep. Gregory J. Schadone, D-North Providence, and Rep. Stephen R. Ucci, D-Johnston.

"This is truly a Rhode Island story," Fox said. "Greg and I were next door to each other, renting offices that were side by side. I can still hear him: 'Fox, I need your help.' I remember I used to give him advice when he was running for his first election."

In most places, the phrase "the political class" means the general population of people who hold, have held, or are running for office. In Rhode Island, it appears to indicate an actual class of our stratified society, from which most of our elected officials are drawn.

What I find especially dispiriting, though, is the fact that — in the current climate of calamity — there isn't a single politician making a no-chance run for the office simply to grab the microphone and proclaim his or her solutions for fixing the state. To be fair, one must know and care enough to find out what those problems are and formulate a plausible solution...

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Political class? What exactly is it that prevents you from stepping up to run for office? Could it be its easier to sit in the comfort of Mom's basement and take pot shots at everyone else with your laptop? Could it be that you don't have what it takes to win a majority of votes with your twisted ideology? Or could it be that you're just a coward!

Pick any of the above!

Posted by: Tod Westerfield at October 20, 2009 7:42 PM

Exhibit #129,224,799 Proving that Rhode Island is Screwed: Voters like Tod Westerfield.

Posted by: Patrick at October 20, 2009 8:57 PM

"What exactly is it that prevents you from stepping up to run for office?"

The fact that in order to have a chance to win an election in Rhode Island you have to sell out your integrity to every corrupt union and self-interested progressive group in the state.

Look at Buddy Cianci - the guy sold out to everybody. He literally bought his way into office. Some of us wouldn't want to win that way. Read All the King's Men.

Posted by: Dan at October 20, 2009 10:40 PM

"...there isn't a single politician making a no-chance run for the office simply to grab the microphone and proclaim his or her solutions for fixing the state."

Go for it, Justin. It'd be good to see your ideas broadcast a little further.

Posted by: Andrew at October 21, 2009 9:17 AM

What stops you from running for office? Is it the doomed nature of the state where only CORRUPT PARTY HACKS are able to secure the democratic primary or general election in most statewide elections? Is it the voter who constantly returns incumbents regardless of the level of anger at how state government functions? If it was as easy as Tod Westerfield makes it sound like, would we be in the problems we are? Isn't comments and attitude much like Tod's what makes this state the sewer it is? Regardless of political beliefs, who can really argue that RI state government is effecient,open, and on top of the problems facing us? Comments like that are stupid and idiotic to the furthest extent. Get a clue tod

Posted by: mstead at October 21, 2009 11:09 AM

Those in office are not going to grab the microphone - it's working for them the way it is and there's no downside to saying nothing.

No single candidate, absent significant financial resources, is going to get elected. And even if he or she gets elected - they will make no difference. A large slate of candidates (every single GA seat), organized and with sufficient financial backing, could make a difference. That's what the unions have been putting together for years. Who will organize that for the rest of Rhode Island? Not the Republicans, they are an impotent organization of egos who can't figure out how not to have a primary. All the while the unions sit back fatter and happy, as the Republicans and Independents assist them in dividing and conquering any potential for change.

And who wil run? The GA works for the unions because their members can easily "work" the GA hours. Teachers are out at 2pm. Who has that flexibility? Who can financially afford to be in the GA? Why make the sacrifice if you make no difference?

It's going to take a political war - and the good people of RI need to put together an army of candidates who will work together. A slew of small organizations, no matter how wealthy and elite their members think they are, won't do it. Counting thousands of members isn't enough. Rhode Islanders have to put the elitist attitudes and egos aside and focus on the big picture - the common enemy. What is the most important step that needs to be taken to get the special interests out of the running of the State? Clean out the GA. Declare war on it.

In a war you can't be exclusive, in a war you need everyone fighting the common enemy. Smaller political differences must be put aside if all can agree on cleaning out the GA and taking control away from the special interests.

Posted by: riborn at October 21, 2009 11:23 AM
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