October 19, 2009

Grassroots, Multimedia, and Being Bound

Justin Katz

It was a variegated weekend, with:

  • Video from the first RI Voter Coalition Meet the Candidate Forum here, here, here, and here
  • And thoughts on the tea party movement here
  • Two of us on the Violent Roundtable there
  • One of us on the topic of binding arbitration elsewhere
  • Information about offering testimony thereon here
  • Assisted suicide sparking debate here and here
  • The loss of taxpayers surprising few here
  • A head-stapling teacher and local authority here
  • And a snowy, global warming day here
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Listened to the Violent Roundtable discussion re: Frank Williams. There was a comment made that Frank Williams won't have a courthouse named for him.

FYI, he did put his name on the Kent County Courthouse "Great Wall". That's the plexiglass wall (decoration? art?) in front of the building. Right there with a quote from Abe Lincoln is a quote from Himself. Almost as good a naming the courthouse after himself, and yet another questionable expenditure of taxpayer money.

Posted by: riborn at October 19, 2009 12:06 PM
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