October 5, 2009

To Win, Leftists Hide Views

Justin Katz

Isn't there something fundamentally dishonest about the sort of calculation that RI House Majority Leader Gordon Fox is making in his campaign for speakership?

... with one notable exception, he is guarded about where he stands on some of the more volatile issues the 2010 legislature is likely to face, including casino gambling, gay marriage and calls for the legislature to place itself back under the jurisdiction of the state Ethics Commission after a late-June decision by the Supreme Court left the commission's powers in question.

Shouldn't one's positions on all of the major issues of the day constitute the platform for any political race — especially for a current legislator seeking a powerful central post? If he isn't able to articulate his position, after so much time in office, then he's an incompetent boob, and if he thinks his intentions will sink his candidacy, he's a plain deceiver for withholding them. The statement — not unfamiliar in Rhode Island — becomes, "Elect me because I'm next in line, and I'll tell you how I'll govern after I've got all of my political protections in place."

This General Assembly — this state, politically — is unbelievable.

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You are correct on all counts Justin. The only way to remove the corrupt boobs from office is to have an electorate that recognizes that their legislator won’t even publicize his position on major issues and/or a legitimate candidate who exposes it for them. Sadly we do not have either in most districts.

Posted by: Frank at October 5, 2009 11:47 AM

The biggest attitude change that I've seen in RI is from the senior citizen sector.

Granted, still most are indoctrinated by the Reed-Whitehouse Batman/Robin team but they are starting to become aware that there spaghetti dinners really cost them a few thousand dollars in tax dollars.

Sure, not their tax dollars but their children and their grandkids.

Recently, Kennedy tried to BS some seniors at a luncheon in a Pawtucket meals center. They were told that he was working on getting rid of the 'donut' or gap. I quietly explained that sure, as long as they were willing to pay $100 per month.

Stunned faces glazed back at me when I explained.

Posted by: Roland at October 5, 2009 5:24 PM

Roland, Are you sure the seniors weren't just having a collective stroke at watching someone trying to provoke informed debate?

Posted by: Henry Fisher at October 5, 2009 5:43 PM
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