August 14, 2009

Where the Progressive View of Life Becomes Very Narrow

Carroll Andrew Morse

There are many nits to be picked with David Scharfenberg's article in this week's Providence Phoenix anticipating the growth of progressive power in the Rhode Island legislature, but the one that really leapt out at me was near the end

Public opinion on abortion and same-sex marriage seem destined to catch up with the state's political class soon, particularly as a new generation of voters with live-and-let-live views comes to maturity at the ballot box.
Applying a "live-and-let-live" label specifically to the liberal/progressive view of abortion is a significant gaffe that moves the article away from the category of objective news analysis, as it advances a decidedly pro-abortion view that no human life (or maybe that no human life of consequence) is ended by an abortion procedure.

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Yeah, I saw the cover of the Phoenix too. Just a couple things on there that made me shake my head. First isn't really specific to the Phoenix, but even just the term "Progressives". So what does that make everyone else? Regressive?

And the banner that says "No Do-Gooders Allowed!" So if you're not a progressive, you are a do-badder?

It's funny to hear Progressives complaining about getting shafted by their own party. Hey, why not blame this on Carcieri too, like they do with everything else.

And what is this "do-good"ing these Progressives want to do? Create more and bigger social programs in RI? Is that the solution to what ails RI? More taxpayer-funded social programs? We have a shortage right now and extra money lying around? I guess I missed that news story.

Posted by: Patrick at August 14, 2009 12:09 PM

Not to mention that his analysis it patently wrong. A majority of Rhode Islanders oppose abortion thanks to the state's Catholic roots. Once again, the liberal hack if off.

And by the way, how are progressives in any way shape or form "live and let live" types. Their whole ideology is based upon seizing one individual's private property (money via taxes) through the barell of a gun, and giving it to others, usually the politically connected. How is that "live and let live."

My friends, the age of Orwell is upon us. Fall in love and get drunk. It's all we have left.

Posted by: Jake Barnes at August 14, 2009 2:31 PM

The irony is, if abortion were as pervasive as you believe, there'd be fewer of these younger voters endangering your "God-given" rights to deny marriage to gays.
I may be of an older generation, but I want to throw these bums out of the General Assembly, too. Maybe I have more in common with conservatives than either of us realized, eh?
And Justin, to your earlier post, I share your reservations about Peter Palumbo.

Posted by: rhody at August 14, 2009 4:50 PM

"Live and let live"?These left wing social engineers can't keep their long noses out of anyone's business for five minutes.
Take gun control-you have the Birkenstock and Volvo crowd(maybe hybrids now)trying to make rules concerning "assault weapons"when most of them don't know how a semiauto functions and would have a hard time operating one unless it were put in their hands ready to go.
They also want to pry into what you eat;how much toilet paper you use;want access to your medical records;wanty to check your email to see if you belong to what they determine is a "hate group";and dictate what kind of car you will drive.
They call themselves "progressives"-Handy and Ajello have one group they don't want to subject to prying-convicted pedophiles.They alone in the General Assembly have tried to run interference for such people to shield them from monitoring at the behest of Steven Brown,the little demonic pest himself.You only have to meet Handy once to get the impression of cowflop in a suit.What a mealy mouthed subversive puke this guy is.He can't stand anything traditional about our country.He can't explain his positions on anything in specific terms.
When Buddy Cianci was hammering him withn legitimate questions he went into a "homina-homina" routine that made Robert Gibbs sound like Clarence Darrow.
Ian Donnis' replacement is a poor example of a journalist.Ian may be liberal and all,but he isn't that bad.He actually follows a story,rather than mouth empty left wing aphorisms.
Scharfenberg sounds like Rudy Cheeks,but at least with Rudy,you know it's opinion,and who takes him seriously anyway?
"Live and let live"?How about "Dr."Dan Weisman(doctor of social work fer crissakes!!)who goes on a national crusade to wipe out a short prayer at graduation and then he and his miserable wife gloat over it on the ACLU cable show.These people have the arrogance of thinking they really have power-they don't know how thin the ice is,nor how deep and cold the water.

Posted by: joe bernstein at August 15, 2009 6:42 AM
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