February 27, 2009

Literary Precedent for a Truth Commission

Monique Chartier

As Marc said, quite the name and concept for Senator Whitehouse's proposed commission. Can a "Truth Czar" be far behind?

Look, it is certainly possible that stuff went on beyond the borderline silliness intitially reported to have occurred at Abu Graib. And without a doubt, the idea of rendering prisoners to another country for torture should be cursorily examined and then definitively ended, if assurances yesterday by the new head of the CIA, Leon Panetta, are not sufficient.

In short, there may be grounds for inquiry. Why not a Senate hearing? Slightly less dramatic, slightly less over-reaching than Senator Whitehouse's highly ambitious commission, which is a bit too evocative of Winston Smith's ironically named place of employment.

The Ministry of Truth -- Minitrue, in Newspeak -- was startlingly different from any other object in sight. ... [1984, George Orwell]
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We used to be able to depend on an honest, fair and balanced media to sniff out the truth. So much for that. Our 'leaders' are failing us at every level and the fourth estate has sold out to the highest bidder. Wake up people.

Posted by: JTR at February 27, 2009 1:55 PM

"borderline silliness"

Talk about newspeak, sweetheart.

Posted by: PDM at February 27, 2009 5:12 PM
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