October 17, 2008

Fighting My Inner Pollyanna

Marc Comtois

OK, I could be accused of trying to "turn those [conservative] frowns upside down" with the imminent Democratic takeover of our government. Part of it is because I'm trying to take the long view, part of it is because I'm basically an optimistic guy. So, more for myself than perhaps others, here's a little cold water. Should the Democrats get the super-majority, here's what we can expect, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal:

Those would be some significant setbacks. But then, there is hope. (I can't help myself).

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Good. This generation is so eneamored of Communism-let them see it in action. They will be electing Bobby Jindal by 2016.

Posted by: Mike at October 17, 2008 7:18 PM

You are armored in paranoia. Communists here, communists there, communists are every where. Do you look under your bed at night too?

Posted by: OldTimeLefty at October 18, 2008 1:05 AM
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