October 4, 2008

Why won't McCain and Palin take it to Obama and the Dems over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

Donald B. Hawthorne

Why McCain Goes Easy on Fannie and the CRA.

How McCain could respond.

More on how McCain could respond.

An ad.

More historical particulars here and here.


And now this news about Barney Frank's conflict of interest.

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Hey Don, You wont ever hear McCain pressing on the GSE's because the old legislative errors of the dems pale in comparison to the recent fraud and mismanagement lobbied for by republican actors. McCain doesn't want to explain the fees paid to Bill Timmons and especially, Ric Davis, his campaign manager.You really ought to stop blaming Carter and Clinton. The real estate industry is solidly republican and all those brokers, agents, assessors, mortgage brokers, bankers, etc. made millions off this scandal. I bet there were Rotary Club seminars on getting in while the "getting was good". Froma Harrop has a good column in today's Projo, if you haven't seen it.


Posted by: observer at October 5, 2008 3:21 PM
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