September 11, 2008

September 11 Remembrances

Carroll Andrew Morse

Tom Kenney, posting at RI Future

And in the midst of vast despair and destruction

Beyond comprehension in its scope

It was a picture of three firefighters raising a flag

That gave America hope.

Michael Morse from last year…
I learned an important lesson that day and the weeks and months to follow. The people we are sworn to protect are worth protecting. We stood together as a nation like nobody could have dreamed possible. We remembered what it meant to be Americans; we stood together, cried together and together have moved forward. Racial and economic divisions didn’t matter, differing political philosophies were irrelevant.

In a many ways we’ve returned to our pre-911 mindset, and that is unfortunate, but the togetherness and resolve that existed then still resides in all of us, and comes to the surface when necessary. I know it’s there, I remember, and that is what keeps me going.

This notice made at 9:57 am -- seven years to the minute when Islamist terrorists lost the initiative in the war they started.