July 21, 2008

Dear Ink-Stained Wretches: People Think You're in the Bag

Marc Comtois

Ian Donnis has been keeping tabs on the fall of the newspaper business, particularly the ProJo, for a while, most recently noting that "[t]he bottom line...is that the erosion of newspapers hurts us all." That's certainly true. And a couple recent Rasmussen polls point to some of the problems newspapers (as part of the larger Mainstream Media) face. In one poll (h/t):

49% of voters believe most reporters will try to help Obama with their coverage, up from 44% a month ago.

Just 14% believe most reporters will try to help John McCain win, little changed from 13% a month ago. Just one voter in four (24%) believes that most reporters will try to offer unbiased coverage.

In another:
Only 34% of Americans believe the United States has the world’s best economy, but 50% believe the media makes economic conditions appear worse than they really are, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey....

A plurality of Americans (41%) similarly believe that the media has tried to make the war in Iraq appear worse that it really is, while 26% say reporters have made it look better than reality and 25% think they’ve portrayed it accurately.

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Do you mean "People Think You're in the Bag"?

Posted by: Greg at July 21, 2008 2:16 PM

Thanks Greg...

Posted by: Marc at July 21, 2008 2:38 PM

Actually, that's true, even at the New York Times. Judith Miller was, indeed, in the bag for the Bush Administration and the Pentagon.

Posted by: rhody at July 21, 2008 2:53 PM


Quite sure proud newspapermen like Ian Donnis and Scott MacKay will wholeheartedly agree with the polling data you cited. They're big fans of polls as we saw with their citation of 'certain' Rhode Island college numbers. lol
Btw Drudge has a great story on the NY Times rejecting an op/ed penned by John McCain. These libs pretending to be journalists just can't help themselves and the American public see right through it.
Actually quite sad to watch the embarrassing devolution of the mainstream media. Even basic journalistic standards are missing these days.

Posted by: Tim at July 21, 2008 5:16 PM
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