June 23, 2008

(Almost Certain) Breaking News Out of East Providence

Monique Chartier

As with candidacies throughout the state, the moment of truth will be Thursday morning and that final run down of filings. But the rumor that Senator Paul Moura (D) may not seek re-election has been given legs today with the filing of Declaration of Candidacy papers by the Democrat Mayor of East Providence, Isadore S. Ramos (PhD), for Senate District 18. If Senator Moura intended to run again, party courtesy would presumably have restrained Dr. Ramos from challenging him. [Thanks to Will Ricci of The Ocean State Republican for the scoop.]

By the way, if you're mad about Rhode Island politics and/or interested in furthering good government in the state, the procedure to kick off your campaign is here. The deadline is Wednesday at 4:00 pm. [Tax-happy Democrats interested in running should click here.]

And returning to East Providence for a moment, anyone wishing to help the East Providence GOP continue their excellent party building works and get the latest news on Senate District 18 (and other Senate and House races) is invited to attend their annual fundraiser at the Crescent View Avenue Knights of Columbus Hall in Riverside this Thursday at 6:30 pm.

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Thanks for the plug, Monique!

I had heard yesterday that Moura wasn't running for reelection for family reasons. However, we had no idea until this afternoon who would be running in his place. We had heard rumors that Ramos might run for a House seat, but we didn't realize he was considering a Senate run.

I certainly don't think that Mayor Ramos would have filed for State Senate, as he did this morning, to run against a well-known and well-financed, union-backed incumbent senator. Ramos might not be the brightest bulb in the Christmas tree, but he isn't stupid. Ramos did not file papers for reelection to the city council.

I also understand (after our EPGOP meeting tonight) that there is a very strong possibility that another well-known EP Democrat may jump into the race to primary Ramos.

In another twist, former EP mayor Joe Larisa did file papers this morning to run for Ramos' soon to be vacated city council seat.

PS Of course, I must plug our upcoming fundraiser for the East Providence GOP this Thursday, featuring the first ever GOP Vice-Presidential Straw Poll. We have one incumbent House member running for reelection and GOP challengers for three open seats (which we think is unprecedented). Of course, we also have candidates for city council and school committee. More information is available on our website at http://www.epgop.org. RSVP appreciated. Tickets also available at the door. We've got the candidates ... now we need your money!

Posted by: Will at June 23, 2008 10:47 PM

It's great to hear that "Paulie Walnuts" is retiring.

However, I don't know anything about Ramos.

Just keep in mind that it is no victory to have a new boss who is the same as the old boss, to paraphrase the song from The Who.

Posted by: Citizen Critic at June 24, 2008 12:19 PM

Still don't see Ramos on the SoS's site, although we're still pretty sure he filed (knowing him, he probably filled out the paperwork incorrectly). However, I do see Joseph Botelho has filed for the Senate 18 seat, so that would be another sign that Paulie Walnuts is not running again.

Posted by: Will at June 25, 2008 9:08 AM

"Just keep in mind that it is no victory to have a new boss who is the same as the old boss, to paraphrase the song from The Who."

Yes, that's right. It's not that there is no opponent, it's that the opponent is 1.) not an incumbent and 2.) less well known.

This is the situation for House District 35 (South Kingstown). There will be a Dem candidate. But it won't be the incumbent, Pat Shanley.

Posted by: Monique at June 25, 2008 11:46 PM
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