June 16, 2008

Station Nightclub Fire Lessons by Pravda

Monique Chartier

Mr. Michael Dimascolo
Office of the RI State Fire Marshal
118 Parade St.
Providence, RI 02909

Mr. Dimascolo,

It has come to my attention, from several sources, that during a recent class you were giving for Deputy Fire Marshals, you had the audacity to make the statement that Fire Marshall Denis Larocque, of West Warwick, “did everything by the book”, pertaining to the Station Nightclub fire. I am writing to tell you that this statement is not only outrageous it is a complete and utter lie.

Your pal, Mr. Larocque, did nothing by the book. He lied to the State Police. Then, he told a different set of lies to the Grand Jury. He lied to the public when he told them it was safe to enter the Station Nightclub. He broke his oath of office when he used voodoo numbers to award “waiting area” status to every square foot of that club. That lie was so egregious that he didn’t even want to post the room capacity number for fear of being caught in his duplicitous actions and illicit decisions.

As for you Mr. Demoscola, I am also told that you went on to say that you were denied the job of Chief Fire Marshal due to the Station Nightclub fire. This statement I am pleased to say, is true. Your illegal actions in deleting the real names of the Fire Marshals who investigated and submitted the final report on the Station fire and replacing them with your own and that of Chief Fire Marshal Owens, showed not only disregard for the law and justice for the victims but was nothing less than a blatant attempt to control access to that report and manipulate the truth.

I am sure that the public knowledge of this scurrilous conspiracy by you and Mr. Owens, along with my one on one meetings with the Governor to lobby against your appointment, went a long way to disqualify you from even being considered for the position you covet so highly. In my opinion, an obstruction of justice charge should have been brought against both of you.

In closing, I want you to be very clear on my purpose in writing this letter. Your insistence on re-writing history, your attempt to act as a Station Nightclub fire revisionist and your lies about the actions of those responsible for both the fire and the injustice that followed are totally unacceptable. Every statement you make that attempts to ‘remold’ the truth is another infliction of emotional vandalism on the Station Nightclub victims and their families.

For these words and the many others you have spoken since this horrible event, you should not just be ashamed, you should have the decency to stop. Keep your mouth shut. You are insulting every victim living or dead with your self serving, lying propaganda.

I don’t know you. We have never met. And even though I wouldn’t trust you or your pals Owens and Larocque to come to my house to put out a camp fire, I am demanding that you do the right thing. Stop lying about the circumstances that led to my son’s death and the protection he and all the other victims were denied by your friend, Denis Larocque.

Dave Kane
Father of Nicholas O’Neill, 18
Youngest victim of the Station Nightclub fire

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Let's connect the dots in this typical Rhode Island scam. Frank Montanaro is the president of the RI Association of Firefighters. Frank Montanaro is the president of the RI AFL-CIO. Frank Montanaro is the Democratic National Committeeman. Who is the other Democratic National Committeeman - Billy Lynch, Executive Director of the RI Democratic party and...brother of Patrick Lynch, RI Attorney General.
Now, does anybody have any questions as to why the fire inspector, a member of the AFL-CIO, a member of the RI association of firefighters was not investigated and prosecuted for absolute and total gross f#@&ing negligence by the RI Attorney General????
This is a typical RI SCAM.
Smarten up losers! You are being taken to the cleaners. If you think that your kids are more important to these _ssh_l_s than some scumbag union fire inspector you are dumb, dumb, dumb!

Posted by: Mike Cappelli at June 16, 2008 9:31 PM

Come on now, these "brave" Union-hack leech Fire Fighters "give selflessly" and "put their lives on the line" everyday for you and I.

Just ask Tom Kenney & Co. They'll tell you how special and deserviving (or should I say, ENTITLED) they are.

Remember Mike, the motto, as exemplified best by Lazy-ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty (and defended by Tom "Giving Selflessly" Fenney & Co.) is "The Union First, Entitlements Second and Public Safety if we have time".

By the way, is it true that the rain we've had since Sunday was really the tear-drops streaming from Tom Kenney & Co. as a result of them once again being reminded by a letter in Sunday's Projo that their jobs as Fire Fighters are NOT even within the Top 10 of the Most Dangerous Jobs as defined by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics?

Poor Tom, it means so much to him walk around telling people what a dangerous-less job he has and how he puts his life on the line.

Tom, don't be too upset. You'll still get the ole Pension Paradise thing for "giving selflessly".

Posted by: George Elbow at June 17, 2008 7:24 AM

George (or whatever you're real name is, since you're too scared to post it),

You're still an ass, you'll always be an ass. Can you ever post without naming Paul Doughty - or me?

You re-spout lies and false statements. As I told you, the survey they used in Sunday's papers DID NOT include FF's statistics.

Continue to ignore the facts. Post some smart ass remark, and don't forget to mention Paul!

Posted by: Tom Kenney at June 17, 2008 8:37 AM

Tom Kenney,

Fair enough. I may be an ass. And I may always be an ass.

But at least I am NOT a Lazy-Ass, like your pal Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty.

With respect to lies and false statements, please be specific.

Is it not a fact that Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty did not show up for 3+ years to work the Public Safety job he was being paid for? Hint: Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty has already acknowledged that this is a fact.

Is it not a fact that you and other Union-hacks refused, and continue to this day, to hold Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty accountable for his actions by rebuking them, rather than doing the Union thing and defending them?

Is it not a fact that, despite "giving selflessly", fire fighting does NOT even make the Top 10 most Dangerous jobs as reported by the Dept. of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) ? Are you going to tell us that the Dept. of Labor has it out for you guys? I know you guys love to live the fantasy that is "Rescue Me", but there are some realities you can't deny. And just 'cuz you don't make the Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs doesn't mean you don't have an important job, so relax.

By the way, the BLS does say this about Firefighters: “There will be strong competition for jobs. Many people want to become firefighters because it is challenging and it gives them a chance to help others.”

What the BLS doesn’t say is that the “competition” will be stifled by whiny crybaby Unions who fear competition and the Free Market like a mouse fears a cat.

Let me know if I've mispoken or if any of the above are "false statements".

Posted by: George Elbow at June 17, 2008 12:19 PM

Of course you couldn't help but put Paul down again. So predictable.

As for lies - you've been told on numerous occassions that the survey you quote DID NOT USE ANY INFO re:FF's!!!

When you ignore the info and continue to use incorrect stats you've begun lying!!

As for not using your name - YOU ARE A COWARD AND A LOWLIFE.

There is a place for anonymous blogging. But, when you insult people by name (Doughty & Me) you've crossed the line and need to be held accountable by standing behind your words - not hiding behind your anonymity!

Posted by: Tom Kenney at June 17, 2008 2:29 PM

Mr. Kane,

I'm extremely sorry for your loss. I will not disrespect your pain & anger or your son's memory by jousting any more with Elbow on this post.

I know nothing about the WW Fire Inspector or what he did or failed to do. I hope you find the answers and the solace you (and so many others) so greatly deserve.

Posted by: Tom Kenney at June 17, 2008 2:33 PM

Tom Kenney,
The answers, but unfortunately no solace, is outlined rather clearly in my first post above. Who the hell do you think you are kidding pleading as an ignorant ass when the truth is plain as day. Your union SUCKS!
Now do yourself a favor, and just SHUT UP, because the more you talk, the more you sound like a jackass!

Posted by: Mike Cappelli at June 17, 2008 7:25 PM

Tom Kenney,

You're almost as good at dodging an issue as Bob Walsh is. It must be a Union thing.

Of course the BLS statistics on Dangerous jobs include FFs. I know it eats at you that you didn't make the Top 10, but saying over and over again that the data didn't include FFs doesn't make it so.

I'm sorry you find it "insulting" when I accurately note that you have, and continue, to support (and refuse to rebuke) the actions of Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty, who insulted the taxpayers by NOT showing up to the job that the taxpayers were paying him to do.

With respect to anonymity, I suspect if I was praising you and your Entitlement minded Union actions, you'd have no problem ...just like you have no problem with the likes of people that sign off as EMT, Phil, Dave, etc.

By the way, how do we really know that "Tom Kenney" is really Tom "Giving Selflessly" Kenney for the PFD??

Lasly, once again, please explain the mistatements in my above posts (where I apparently "insulted" you with the truth).

Posted by: George Elbow at June 17, 2008 7:56 PM

What is this, 3rd grade?

Grow up already.

We get it- you hate unions and anyone associated with them, and cannot make a post without personal attacks. We understand. Next.

Posted by: EMT at June 17, 2008 8:54 PM


What I hate are chicken-sh*t people who are incapable of thinking and acting on their own, who go along to get along, who stand by like passive sheep, and worse, cheer, when someone is doing something that is clearly wrong (e.g. collecting a paycheck & benefits for a job that they are NOT performing), who have over-inflated opinions of themselves and the "work" they do (e.g. "we give selflessly") leading to an ENTITLEMENT attitude (e.g. "we deserve pay & benefits regardless of the customer's ability to pay"), who accuse others of making personal attacks when it is they that make personal attacks with references like "Herzoner" when referring to people like the Mayor.

I equally hate people that fear the free market like a mouse fears a cat, to the point that they obstruct the "competition" and sustainable cost structure that should exist as a result of that blocked competition.

So if all of the above sounds like the Union that Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty and his bra (i.e. supporter) Tom "Giving Selflessly" Kenney so proudly rants & raves about, then yes, I think it is safe to say that your statement is accurate.

But enough about me. Aren't you going to be late for a photo-shoot of Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty doing something heroic, like pulling himself out of his Lazy-boy recliner to throw another re-run of "Rescue Me" into the DVD player?

And by the way ...don't be suprised or offended if you get scolded by Tom "Giving Selflessly" Kenney for being a "coward" and using an anonymous name like "EMT".

Tom's just cranky 'cuz he knows he's wrong and he's had to give up being an independent minded individual in order to keep up the Union-first facade by continuing to defend the indefensible actions of Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty.

Posted by: George Elbow at June 17, 2008 9:54 PM

Dave-strange running into you here on AR.I thought you showed a lot of class by speaking up for Biechele's parole when there are others far more guilty.He was the only one who accepted responsibility without reservation.
You might like debating here-it can get pretty undiplomatic,but what the hell.
Iremember when you,Geoff Charles,John From Cranston,and myself discussed the existence of God on radio one Saturday night-all that was missing were the steaming plates of boiled cabbage.(R.Crumb reference)

Posted by: joe bernstein at June 17, 2008 10:27 PM

"I thought you showed a lot of class by speaking up for Biechele's parole when there are others far more guilty"

Yes, Joe. Dave Kane has also spoken out against the new draconian fire code that was passed, correctly pointing out that an inadequate code was not the cause of the fire but failure to enforce the perfectly good code in effect at the time.

Mike Cappelli - no doubt about it. Those and other rank political considerations were the reason that Patrick Lynch compounded the worst fire in Rhode Island's history by administering the worst official injustice in our history.

Posted by: Monique at June 18, 2008 6:25 AM

Mike -

Don't you pay attention?

Just as Tom "Giving Selflessly" Kenney knows nothing about what other Unions are doing, he "knows nothing" about the WW Fire Inspector or what he did or didn't do.

That's right, Mr. Public Safety himself, Tom "Giving Selflessly" Kenney "knows nothing" about what happened or what led to the biggest fire tradgedy / disaster in the state's history.

Yet Tommy-boy can tell you chapter and verse what a WW FF earns in comparison to a PFD FF.

Yea Tom, we all know exactly where and what your priorities are.

Kind of like your "see no evil, hear no evil, know nothing" attitude when Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty was negatively impacting public safety by NOT showing up to the public safety job he was being paid to do.

Posted by: George Elbow at June 18, 2008 6:37 AM

Like I said.

Posted by: EMT at June 18, 2008 8:55 PM


Come on now. Don't go "Bob Walsh" on us, with pithy little comments.

Like I said to Tom "Giving Selflessly" Kenney, please explain exactly where I'm wrong.

By the way, what took you so long?

I guess that photo-shoot of Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty doing something heroic, like pulling himself out of his Lazy-boy recliner to throw another re-run of "Rescue Me" into the DVD player must have been a difficult & time consuming shoot.

Posted by: George Elbow at June 18, 2008 9:16 PM

Mr. Elbow,

I've continued my debate with you on the "Engaged Citizen" blog.

Posted by: Tom Kenney at June 19, 2008 7:32 PM

Tom Kenney,

You wrote: "If EMT or any other anonymous poster engaged in unwarranted personal attacks I would call on him to name himself also."

How about you go back and read the following post from EMT on June 4 within Justin Katz’s piece entitled: “Across the Union Divide”: "No, that'd be Hizzoner the Mayor. But there's only one man in a Providence uniform that gets little David's motor running, and it sure isn't anybody at the Fire Department."

Tom, you had the very next post after EMT, but failed to call him on it. So quit your whining.

Also, you yourself make quite the personal, hateful attack on the Mayor, referring to him a "piece of crap." So, again, quit your whining about "personal attacks".

You wrote: "Paul Doughty’s absence from his original spot on Special Hazards was NEVER left vacant for even a single shift – THEREFORE there was NO NEGATIVE IMPACT on public safety. His absence merely cost the city overtime pay to fill the spot!!!

Earth to Tom! Are you that dumb & blind? Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty's actions resulted in not only the use of limited taxpayer / public safety resources in the form of overtime funds that were therefore not available for other needs, but it also resulted in Overtime for our already tired FFs ...as you noted in an earlier post "I'm in my 25th hour of a 38 hour shift. I'm dead tired and hoping for an easy night".

Tom, of course your hero's actions had a negative impact. Stop defending that BS. You're embarassing yourself.

In terms of anonymity, I am simply responding to someone who posts under the name "Tom Kenney". I respond to the poster's words & comments. I could care less who the person actually is. If you chose to use your real name, so be it, that's your choice. So again, quit your whining. Sign off as King Kong and I will refer to you as King "Giving Selflessly" Kong if it makes you feel better.

Lastly, please point to whatever info you have that suggests the Dept. of Labor's BLS list of Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs do NOT include FFs. Refer us to a website if one exists.

Posted by: George Elbow at June 19, 2008 8:29 PM

I make one or two comments about a mayor, and somehow George (can't make a post without an attack) Elbow now thinks we're the same.

That's the kind of moral relativity I'd expect on RI Future.

Posted by: EMT at June 19, 2008 10:07 PM


Make no mistake. I don't think we're the same at all.

You, Tom "Giving Selflessly" Kenney, Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty & Co. go through life thinking you're ENTITLED to special treatment.

This is just another example.

You're ENTITLED to make "personal attacks" on the Mayor ...but when you do it, they're merely "comments". But when I respond to the comments of you and others, they're "personal attacks".

If I post with an anonymous name, it's because I'm a "coward". But when you post anonymously as EMT / Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty's Personal Photographer, it's OK.

You hacks are truly pathetic. I recognize that it is a requirement to be a dim-wit in order to be in a Union. But come on. Your double standard responses are even more than I expected from the most damaged of Union stock.

Why don't you try addressing the specific "attacks" with specific answers?

Explain to us how Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty's actions which consumed limited taxpayer / public safety resources didn't negatively impact Public Safety? Tell us with a straight face that if we officially eliminated the position, you and Tom "Giving Selflessly" Kenney wouldn't be screaming and whining that we were "putting the public's safety at risk".

And explain how people like you and Tom "Giving Selflessly" Kenney are able to make reference to how much a Warwick FF earns, but have NO KNOWLEDGE of what a West Warwick Fire Inspector does or doesn't do.

Explain to us why you people think your pay should not correlate to the taxpayers ability to pay, as your Union Pwesident Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty has stated.

Explain to us where it is documented that the Dept of Labor does not include FFs in their Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs list?

Don't worry, we won't hold our breath waiting for logical responses. Get the team together and see if you can come up with something that passes the laugh test.

Posted by: George Elbow at June 19, 2008 11:49 PM

Tom Kenney,

You wrote: "I've continued my debate with you on the Engaged Citizen blog."

We are not debating, as facts aren't DEBATABLE.

Did EMT make personal attacks against "Hizzoner the Mayor"? Answer, YES. Not debatable.

Does EMT post anonymously? Answer, YES. Not debatable.

Did Tom "Giving Selflessly" Kenney call EMT out on his personal attacks on the Mayor and his anonymous postings? Answer, No. Not debateable.

In fact, Tom "Giving Selflessly" Kenney joined in the personal attacks by referring to the Mayor as a "piece of crap" and a "liar". Be careful when you point fingers Tommy-boy, 'cuz when you do you have 3 fingers pointing right back at you.

Did Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty negatively impact Public Safety by wasting the Taxpayer's limited resources (i.e. Funding & man-hours) by NOT showing up to the FF job he was paid to do for 3+ years while collecting a paycheck and benefits that were supposed to fund a WORKING FF? Answer, Yes. Not debateable.

If the City had moved to eliminate Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty's position, would Tom "Giving Selflessly" Kenney begun screaming & whining like a Union baby that such a move would negatively impact public safety. Answer, Yes. Not Debateable.

And by the way, you naively wrote that Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty's actions "merely cost the city overtime pay to fill the spot." This shows how dumb & naive you are. It COST the City his FULL Salary, his overly generous & expensive Benefits, PLUS the Over-time premium that had to be paid for his replacement. It is people like you who don't think things thru that put the City & State in deficits.

If a Carpenter / Construction worker who ran a Blog at night stopped showing up to his day job for 3+ years so he could focus on his blog, do you think for a minute he'd continue to be paid a salary & benefits for the day job that he wasn't showing up to? Or would he have been let go and replaced? More importantly, do you think the Carpenter would be so arrogant and presumptous to think that he was ENTITLED to stop showing up to his day job while continuing to be paid for it? Answer, probably NO.

Does Tom "Giving Selflessly" Kenney continue to this day to defend the indefensible actions of Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty, who negatively impacted Public Safety? Answer, Yes. Not debatable.

Do Firefighters show up on the Dept of Labor's Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs list? Answer, NO. Not debateable.

And by the way, the list is entitled "Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs". It is NOT entitled "Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs EXCLUDING Giving Selflessly Firefighters".

Interestingly, at least one poster on this blog, who is a Carpenter, can claim his profession is on the list, yet that individual doesn't crow about it and think he is somehow ENTITLED to special treatment, including needing a Union to get him through life.

Face it Tom, there is NOTHING to debate. So why don't you go back to writing posts about how hard you work (or hardLY work in Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty's case), how dangerous your profession is (even though it isn't even in the Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs) and how you "give selflessly" ...as in giving away the Taxpayer's hard earned money to do-nothing hacks like Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty.

In other words, why don't you get back to not being a Chump, so you can get yours. That is, after all, what you people do best. Right?

Posted by: George Elbow at June 20, 2008 8:08 AM

You don't deserve a logical response, since you can't type three sentences without attacking anyone. Learn how to communicate (which, by the way, consist of more than typing words) with people you disagree with, and maybe I'd be inclined to respond to your demands.

The only thing I will say is that, for the NINE MILLIONTH TIME, I am not a member of any union.

I simply have a deep abiding professional respect for people you look your nose down on.

Posted by: EMT at June 20, 2008 3:16 PM

There is a BIG difference between having respect (professional or otherwise) for people and blindly worshiping & supporting shmucks the stick it to the hard working Taxpayers, as your hero Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty did (and does).

I don't expect a logical response from you, 'cuz you can't argue with the irrifutable and valid points I've made.

Instead, you dodge the substatantive issues being discussed, by whining about my tone and the words I use.

Very simply and similar to Tom "Giving Selflessly" Kenney, your lack of a credible response is acknowledgement enough that you agree with me.

Posted by: George Elbow at June 20, 2008 6:34 PM


Not to nit-pick too much, but there you go again Exagerating ..."for the NINE MILLIONTH TIME".

Your over exageration of how many times you've posted is not dissimilar to your delusions of grandeur with respect to "having pictures of Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty that would make you wet your pants."

It is much the same as Tom "Giving Selflessly" Kenney's self-important posts about the "sacrifices" he and other Union FFs make and how they "give selflessly".

I'd say you're at least an honorary member of Tom "Giving Selflessly" Kenney's Union.

Posted by: George Elbow at June 20, 2008 8:49 PM

If you had a single coherent post on the subject, I might be able to respond.

Instead, you throw around third grade insults and attack anything that conflicts with your pre-conceived notion of reality with baseless accusations and invective.

Doesn't really encourage debate.

Posted by: EMT at June 21, 2008 12:10 AM

Once again, I'll interpret your Bob Walsh-like non-response as agreement with me.

That is, you anonymously agree that Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty screwed the taxpayers and put the Public Safety at risk when he did not show up for work for 3+ years despite collecting a taxpayer funded paycheck and benefits.

Further, you agree that referring to and describing Mr. Doughty as Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty is both appropriate and accurate, since someone that doesn't WORK for 3+ years (particularly when they are getting paid) is "LAZY" and someone that does NOT show up to the JOB they are paid to do is a "NO SHOW". I guess you can "call me out" for adding the word "ASS" when accurately describing Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty.

You also agree that it is inappropriate for Tom "Giving Selflessly" Kenney to blindly support the actions of Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty without calling him out on his actions that screwed the Taxpayers and put the Public Safety at Risk.

You also agree that Tom "Giving Selflessly" Kenney's blind support and failure to hold Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty accountable for putting the Public Safety at risk by NOT showing up to work for 3+ years while collecting a taxpayer funded paycheck & benefits is NOT dissimilar to the schmucks that did NOT hold the West Warwick Fire Inspector accountable.

BTW, Tom describes himself and his fellow workers as giving selflessly, so don't imply I am "attacking" him when I describe / refer to him as Tom "Giving Selflessly" Kenney.

Well, in summary, I am glad we got all that cleared up and that we are in agreement. And don't worry, Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty won't know you don't agree with his chicken-sh*t Lazy-Ass Union antics, as you post anonymously. Like a coward?

Posted by: George Elbow at June 21, 2008 7:24 AM

Justin, Marc, Monique, Carrol, Donald, Mac:

Bye, bye George Knucklehead. Bye, bye Anchor Rising. I know I won't be missed, but I had to let you know how a poster like George Elbow takes any credibility out of any discussion he joins.

I know that my arguements may be against the grain on this forum, but attempting to offer a different perspective is usually good for debate. How can anyone debate Elbow's nonsense? Especially anonymously.

Posted by: Tom Kenney at June 21, 2008 10:33 AM

Tom Kenney,

You'll be missed ...mostly by me. You were a formidable jousting partner, if for no other reason than you'd always come back leading with your chin even when you didn't have a leg to stand on. And you were most helpful in exposing the Union mentality (e.g. we give selflessly, therefore we are ENTITLED). More to the point, we'll miss your "words".

Hiding behind your complaints about anonymity is a weak excuse for not being able to answer, address or debate the issues.

EMT's anonymity and "personal attacks" are OK 'cuz he agrees with your nonsense. YOUR personal attacks (e.g. calling the Mayor a "piece of crap" and a "liar") is OK, 'cuz it's you. But when people disagree with you, BASED SOLEY ON THE VERY WORDS THAT YOU FREELY POST, you whine and dodge the issues, as opposed to addressing the "attacks".

By the way, we are all still waiting for you to copy-paste the words (i.e. "details) that tell us that the Dept. of Labor's "Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs" do NOT include FFs.

Tom, stay safe on the job that the Taxpayers pay you to do ...and hopefully the next time we have a NO SHOW Union employee like Lazy-Ass Pauly "No Show" Doughty, you won't defend that person's actions. Rather, you'll "call them on it", thus building credibility for your beloved Union.

Posted by: George Elbow at June 21, 2008 10:53 AM

Tom Kenney,

BTW, I hope this doesn't impact your decision to take me up on the suggestion I made to you on "Engaged Citizen".

It supposed to get hot again and I was so hoping we could get you those air-conditioners you said you needed.

Posted by: George Elbow at June 21, 2008 11:15 AM

"Once again, I'll interpret your Bob Walsh-like non-response as agreement with me."

The only thing that agrees with your mouth-foaming rants is your mirror. You deserve neither response nor respect, seeing as how you don't know the meaning of the latter.

Posted by: EMT at June 22, 2008 3:20 PM


Like your Comrade, Tom "Giving Selflessly" Kenney, you cower behind silly excuses due to your inability to defend your indefensible babble.

You guys are like little spoiled kids in the playground who take their ball and go home when they find themselves on the losing end of a game.

I realize you two are used to preaching to Union folks, simple minded sheep that agree with and hang on your every word as if it were gosphel. Clearly, you & Tom "Giving Selflessly" Kenney prefer a captive audience. And yes, I know you are not in a Union. You are just an honorary member.

Posted by: George Elbow at June 22, 2008 7:38 PM
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