March 15, 2008

Not For Nuthin' But...

Marc Comtois

I've been scarce around here lately, sorry about that. A couple quick things:

The RI Refrigeration thing is yet another manifestation of the frustration so many have with lax immigration policy. Personally, I think asking for an SS # crosses the line, but I'm not into engaging in such confrontation anyway. Not sure what purpose it serves other than fomenting the sort of tempest in a teapot we've witnessed. In the end, emotions got temporarily raised but the event is not going to change minds either way. Most immigrants aren't evil and most of those who want to enforce or toughen immigration laws aren't racist. Unfortunately, heated rhetoric is what gets the attention.

Apparently, Barack Obama regularly attended church, except for those times when his minister engaged in outrageous, anti-American hyperbole. And he never got wind of it until now. New politics?

Funny how so many progressives have finally realized how despicable the Clinton's are. I wonder if they'll be singing the same tune should HRC win the nomination? Yeah, right....

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Another beautiful thing is the way both Dem campaigns keep stepping on land mines normally reserved for conservatives and then scolding the other side for setting them out and/or triggering them.

I've had the impression for a while that we (the US) were past race and gender in politics. If that's not the case, this campaign may well bring it about, not so much by appealing to everyone's better nature, but through boredom engendered by repetition.

Posted by: Monique at March 15, 2008 11:34 PM
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