December 12, 2007

Congress's Energy Bill: Lipstick on a Pig

Mac Owens

Not too long ago, I addressed the security aspects of the pending energy legislation in the Christian Science Monitor. Today, I examine some of the economic consequences of the legislation in the ProJo.

Despite the attempt to appeal to environmentalists and advocates of "fairy dust" energy sources, aka "renewable energy," this bill, like most energy bills, is laden with pork, albeit "sophisticated" pork. Pork comes from pigs. You can try to dress up a pig by putting lipstick on it, but in the end, it'S still a PIG.

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If anyone is going to find "fairy dust" such as renewable energy, it's going to be the free market and the private enterprise that thrives in it. If the private sector hasn't found it yet, the government certainly can't help it.

Regulation from the Federal Government isn't going to do anything. Like you say, this is just another way for the Federal Government to hand out pork to it's favorite special interests once again.

Posted by: Theracapulas at December 12, 2007 10:07 AM
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