October 29, 2007

No "Curse" in Sight, This One Was Fun!!!

Marc Comtois



There’s success to go with tradition now, happy endings to replace the failure. Now, instead of wallowing in what went wrong, the fan base is joyous...

For so many years, the franchise was defined by heartbreak, identified with close calls and bad breaks. The agony of defeat was seemingly part of the Red Sox’ DNA.

No longer. Now, they win the closes ones, the big ones, the late-season ones...

Things sure have changed.

If you’re a Red Sox fan, enjoy. And consider yourself lucky. After years of wandering in baseball’s wilderness, the Red Sox have reached the Promised Land.


These, you probably don’t have to be reminded, are the good old days. ~ Sean McAdam

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To The New York Yankees And Their Fans:Eats Your Hearts Out!-Scott Bill Hirst

Posted by: Scott Bill Hirst at October 29, 2007 11:59 AM
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