August 23, 2007

Rhode Island Higher Education Top-20 Rankings

Carroll Andrew Morse

Brandie Jefferson of the Projo's 7-to-7 blog has an item about Bryant University's top-20 ranking by the Princeton Review in the category of "career and job placement services"

Bryant wasn't the only college to be ranked in the top 20 -- or maybe the bottom 20, depending on the category -- in the national survey.

Brown University did well in a number of positive categories…

  • (6) The Toughest to Get Into
  • (5) Best College Radio Station
  • (13) Best College Theater
  • (2) Happiest Students

The University of Rhode Island, however, was top (or bottom 10) in a number of negative categories…

  • (10) Professors Get Low Marks
  • (10) Professors Make Themselves Scarce
  • (10) Their Students (Almost) Never Study
  • (9) Dorms Like Dungeons

And Providence College also ranked in a number of categories that they probably won't be mentioning in their recruiting brochures…

  • (1) Homogeneous Student Population
  • (8) Little Race/Class Interaction
  • (19) Everyone Plays Intramural Sports
  • (4) Lots of Hard Liquor

Not that it's living up to the stereotypical reputation of a b-school or anything, but job placement was the only category that Bryant University placed in…

  • (9) Best Career/Job Placement Services

Roger Williams University and Salve Regina University didn't make any of the top-20 lists.

Rhode Island College, Rhode Island School of Design, and Johnson & Wales University appear not to have been considered in the rankings.