May 3, 2007

Senator Whitehouse: The Biggest Problem in Iraq is the Iraqi Government

Carroll Andrew Morse

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has taken on the role of leading advocate for a foreign policy of punishing allies and ignoring enemies. From Charles Bakst in today’s Projo

Whitehouse told me that unless Iraqi leaders see that the United States is serious about withdrawing troops, “They’re perfectly happy to have us there keeping the police for them, spilling our blood for them, spending millions of dollars … It’s just extremely frustrating to have the president fight with us … rather than go and raise hell with the Iraqis. And I think the strongest way he can raise hell with them is say, ‘Look, guys, this party is over unless you get serious. We’re going in a new direction.’ ”
Contra Senator Whitehouse, the real frustration lies in having a Congress that wants the U.S. government to be fighting against the imperfect but legitimate government of Iraq, instead of fighting against terrorists.

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And the biggest problem in RI is the RI government.

And we too have a problem with people illegally coming over our border causing trouble - in our case, Al Amigo looking for a welfare check.

I guess that we're kindred spirits with the Iraqis!

Posted by: Ragin' Rhode Islander at May 4, 2007 10:58 AM
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