December 4, 2006

The First 2008 Prognostication

Carroll Andrew Morse

John J. Miller provides a very early take on the 2008 Senate Races in today’s National Review Online. Here’s what he says about Rhode Island…

“Bring back Linc!” It’s a slogan that precisely nobody is chanting, though someone is sure to suggest that senator Lincoln Chafee, allegedly a Republican, try to rebound from his defeat last month. Those within earshot should yawn. Democratic senator Jack Reed is safe.
Though it is too early right now to be talking about the public phase of a political campaign, a serious Republican party would be starting its candidate recruitment and fundraising activities for the 2008 Federal races very soon. However, recruiting candidates has not been something that the state party has shown much recent interest in (see the 2nd Congressional district this past year for an example). Anyone running for state Republican chair needs to answer the question of how they intend to change this.

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Before 2006, the last Senate election in RI where a sitting Senator was defeated was 1936 with the ascent of TF Green. We tend to keep our senators for life. Jack Reed is one of the most untouchable politicians in RI. He is safe and will receive token opposition from whatever discontended group home staff member has delusions of gradeur.

Posted by: Ted at December 6, 2006 5:02 PM
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