November 11, 2006

ProJo's "Editorial Mystery" Solved

Marc Comtois

I posted before about the questions that Ian Donnis was asking regarding the mysterious non-publishing of an editorial by the ProJo in which they attempt to justify endorsing"Yes on 1." (For posterity, I also included the text of the online only editorial). Now it appears as if there was no need. This morning's (Saturday) Op-Ed page contains the piece, titled "Editorial Mysteries." Indeed, it has been a mystery! Why did the editorial vanish? Why publish it now, so late after the election (on a Saturday, no less)? What could have possibly changed their mind? Regardless, my original problems with the piece still stand.

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I was amused by Howard Sutton's "well, all the other media endorsed it" defense. The real question, which he didn't answer, is: why the 180 regarding the casino?

Posted by: Rhody at November 11, 2006 5:33 PM
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