August 27, 2006

Chafee-Laffey IV: The Lightning Round

Carroll Andrew Morse

In the opening “lightning round” of Saturday night’s Laffey-Chafee debate, moderator Gene Valicenti got concise answers from Republican Senate Candidates Lincoln Chafee and Steve Laffey on several important issues. Here’s a summary. Complete video of the original is available on the WJAR-TV Channel 10 website…

Gene Valicenti asks why gasoline costs 3 bucks a gallon.
Senator Lincoln Chafee cites demand created by China and hurricane Katrina.
Mayor Steve Laffey says because of the lack of a national energy policy.

Valicenti asks for a quick-fix for stopping prices from rising to 4 bucks a gallon.
Chafee says reduce consumption by improving mileage standards on cars.
Laffey says there is no quick fix. Increasing the use of solar power and increasing CAFÉ standards are a start.

Valicenti says the Iranians opening a nuclear power plant. Do we need to consider military action?
Laffey says economics sanctions are now necessary, because diplomacy has failed.
Chafee says we need to open an embassy in Iran and start a bi-lateral dialogue.

Valicenti asks if a military draft needs to be instituted.
Both candidates say no.

Valicenti asks the candidates if they believe global warming exists.
Laffey says he’s heard good arguments on both sides, and we should act as if it’s true.
Chafee says even the Bush administration acknowledges that climate change is occurring because of human activity.

Valicenti asks if the candidates support gay marriage.
Chafee says yes.
Laffey says he supports civil unions, but not marriage.

Valicenti asks if the President can order wiretaps without a warrant.
Laffey says there are circumstances where it is necessary, but special Judges should be notified as quickly as possible.
Chafee says the Fourth Amendment is clear, no warrantless wiretapping.

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What do you think of Embassador Chafee heading up the Iran Embassy?

Posted by: taxpayer at August 27, 2006 8:33 PM

He just might be come January...

Posted by: Will at August 28, 2006 8:57 AM

an ambassador is supposed to represent U.S. interests. I'm not sure Chafee would be able to do that. The cocktail parties with Raul, Hugo, Bashar and Anthony would be the envy of the East Side elite.

Posted by: roadrunner at August 28, 2006 6:55 PM