January 18, 2006

Projo Editorial Board: "Confirm Samuel Alito"

Carroll Andrew Morse

The Projo's editorial board has officially come out in favor of confirming Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court...

There is little in his record that suggests extremism. On the contrary, Mr. Alito seems a thoughtful and rather self-effacing jurist, who has attempted to perform his duties within the constraints of precedent and legitimate judicial power.

Nothing in the Senate's recently concluded nomination hearings cast doubt on his character or qualifications. Indeed, his modest demeanor and informed answers made him look much better than many of his pontificating questioners, from both sides of the aisle....

Given his judicial temperament and impressive rsum, and the absence of anything in the vetting process strong enough to disqualify him, the Senate should confirm Mr. Alito.

Let's give credit to the board for basing their decision on Judge Alito's testimony at the confirmation hearings, and not on their pre-conceived notions about Judge Alito.