November 7, 2005

Will Charles Fogarty Return Guy Dufault’s Campaign Contribution?

Carroll Andrew Morse

According to a Dan Yorke interview, Lieutenant Governor Charles Fogarty has stated that there is no place in politics for negative personal attacks of the kind launched by Guy Dufault against Governor Don Carcieri.

Here is follow-up question for the Lieutenant Governor. Does he believe there is a place in politics for the money coming from the sources of negative personal attacks? According to state campaign finance records, Fogarty accepted a $1,000 campaign contribution from Guy Dufault on September 22 of this year.

Will Fogarty stand on principle and return Dufault’s contribution? Or does principle fall away once money is involved?


Here is Lieutenant Governor Fogarty's statement concerning Dufault's boasts...

“There is absolutely no place in politics for the type of negative personal attacks made by Mr. Dufault. The remarks he made on his show on Sunday were outrageous and completely inappropriate. Mr. Dufault needs to immediately apologize to the Governor and his family for these remarks.”