August 29, 2005

Senator Chafee can settle the $500,000 Question

Carroll Andrew Morse

Senator Chafee has it within his power to settle the state Republican party’s $500,000 question. Here is the Senator’s press secretary, Steven Hourahan, in the Warwick Beacon…

As for reports that the national GOP will withhold $500,000 in campaign funds from Rhode Island if the Senate race results in a Republican primary, Hourahan said that would be a great shame and would harm many state and local-level Republicans seeking office in 2006.

“It would be a huge opportunity [if the state got the money],” Hourahan said.

That being said, Hourahan also said the Chafee campaign had no intention of taking a dime of that money, should it come through anyway.

If the Senator is sincere about not wanting the money, he should issue an immediate public call for the $500,000 in assistance to be released to the state party, without any strings attached. If the money is contributed without strings, it can be released without any waivers being required. What better way to show a commitment to state party building?

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Andrew, there is no ~Chafee can settle the $500,000 Question~ because that's not in question.
We know who is behind the games being played and it's not Linc Chafee.

But I do have a real question I hope you can answer for us, Andrew.

Did Laffey ever use the RNC's $500,000 as leverage (some might call it blackmail) when he was trying to hustle a sweetheart job from the governor and Bush administration in exchange for not running for a Senate seat that he hasn't even had the intellectual honesty to declare for as he's continued to play his games?

(and the Jeopardy music will start now)

Get back to us with that answer would you Andrew??


Posted by: Tim at August 29, 2005 7:28 PM

Tim, I'll try one more time. There is no leverage associated with the $500,000 UNLESS the national party is attaching strings to it. UNLESS the party is attaching strings, they can transfer funds immediately, and no one can stop them. The national party is attaching the strings, ergo the national party is behind any games being played.

If Senator Chafee steps up to the plate, says he has faith in the voters of Rhode Island, and calls on the national party to release the money without a rule 11(a) waiver, then the problem is largely solved.

And I have no doubt that you hear all kinds of music, as well as voices, in your head on a regular basis.

Posted by: Andrew at August 29, 2005 7:57 PM

Andrew, a most interesting development. I'm very surprised to hear that they "have no intention of taking the money." First, I will say this again, there is no actual money involved here! It's all in "assistance" and other "help", such as hiring employees, etc., to which the RNC has assigned a monetary value.
Secondly, to "Tim", the only reason why there has been any issue is because the RNC put major strings on it's assitance, i.e. making it contingent upon the good senator being the only federal candidate to get any "help" prior to the endorsement or a primary, should one occur. Since the filing deadline to run for Senate, is June 30, 2006, in theory Chafee could not be considered "unopposed" by anyone, until that time, which is why the "waiver" is being sought. A very interesting development indeed. Since I presume that Linc, being from an old Yankee family is not hard up for cash, he should be willing agree to put the words of his press secretary in writing, "for the good of the party" :)

Posted by: Will at August 30, 2005 1:04 AM

I think Andrew pretty much cleared things up there Tim, my man.

While Laffey may be trying to use every political hook, maneuver, and/or slight-of-hand - you illogical leap in this case is completely baseless.

The national party would do Rhody a huge favor by allocating this money for local races which the GOP desperately needs in order to demonstrate to the people of Rhode Island that the GOP isn't a bunch of RIN..i mean...PINOs (Party in Name Only).

...we'll see.

Posted by: Don at August 30, 2005 1:03 PM

Andrew and Will, you never answered my question.
Do you two needs deprogramming?
Your canned answers here (voices in your head, Andrew??) are not related in any way to the subject matter I inquired about.
Let's try again gentlemen.

Did Laffey use minion Manning's holding up of the $500,000 from the RNC as leverage when he tried and failed to secure a sweetheart job for himself from the governor and Bush administration?
It's amazing how you Laff's avoid talking about what's really going on.
You're a lot like your boss.
That's not a compliment.

(start the Jeopardy muzak again)

I'm waiting........

Posted by: Tim at September 1, 2005 11:43 AM

First of all, I believe the proper term is "Laff-ite." Mayor Laffey is not my boss. For the record, I don't even live in Cranston. Secondly, we've provided more detail, than most people would want to know, in order to support our conclusions.
Secondly, to put it as bluntly as possible, so that you can understand the answer, the answer is "NO". Mayor Laffey was not, and is not interested in whatever alleged positions you think the Gov (and Bush???) would want to present him. It's been very plain that the powers that be would like Laffey not to pursue a possible Senate run. It has never been a matter of "what's in it for me" with Mayor Laffey. Certainly, people have tried to lure him in other directions, but so far, he hasn't taken the bait. He genuinely wants to do what's best for the most people. I hope he does. I imagine that somone as jaded as yourself, cannot understand something like that.

Posted by: Will at September 2, 2005 1:04 AM