October 7, 2010

Anchor Rising's Rhode Island House of Representatives Ratings for 2010

Carroll Andrew Morse

Here are Anchor Rising's legislative rankings of the members of the Rhode Island House of Representatives, based on the five sets of legislative votes that have been analyzed over the past two weeks. The idea is to try to capture each legislator's propensities towards taxes, cost-of-government and cost-of-mandates, attitudes that are to difficult assess based on a single vote. The scoring system is explained here, including links to the posts containing details on the bills that were considered and the vote tallies. Higher scores signal consistent votes against raising taxes, for lowering cost of government and more sensible regulation of municipal affairs.

As I said to Matt Allen last night I don't expect a ranking number placed next to a legislator's name to be the end of the discussion, but rather a starting point for people looking for more information about the positions and policies their legislator supports. Or maybe someone could convince me that the legislators who scored near zero (or below) are really the ones who are making the best decisions for Rhode Island (but I doubt it).

I will be happy to post responses from any legislator who'd like to comment on their ranking, explain why they voted for or against a certain bill, what else should be considered, why they think the system is flawed or why it's brilliant, etc. I will also post responses from any challengers who'd like to discuss why they believe they will do a better job representing their districts than the legislator listed here on the issues that were considered in assembling the ranking and on any issue a challenger thinks is important.

And now, to the numbers...

Score NameDist.Communities Represented
10 Rep. Brian Newberry 48 Burillville, North Smithfield
10 Rep. Jon Brien 50 Woonsocket
10 Rep. John Loughlin 71 Little Compton, Portsmouth, Tiverton
9 Rep. Joseph Trillo 24 Warwick
9 Rep. Robert Watson 30 East Greenwich, West Greenwich
9 Rep. Lisa Baldelli-Hunt 49 Woonsocket
8 Rep. Arthur Corvese 55 North Providence
7 Rep. Laurence Ehrhardt 32 North Kingstown
7 Rep. Rod Driver 39 Charlestown, Exeter, Richmond
6 Rep. Gregory Schadone 54 North Providence
6 Rep. Joy Hearn 66 Barrington, East Providence
5 Rep. Charlene Lima 14 Cranston
5 Rep. Robert Jacquard 17 Cranston
5 Rep. Al Gemma 20 Warwick
5 Rep. Patricia Serpa 27 Coventry, Warwick, West Warwick
5 Rep. Michael Marcello 41 Cranston, Scituate
5 Rep. Jan Malik 67 Barrington, Warren
5 Rep. Douglas Gablinske 68 Bristol, Warren
5 Rep. J. Russell Jackson 73 Middletown, Newport
5 Rep. Deborah Ruggiero 74 Jamestown, Middletown
4 Rep. Scott Pollard 40 Coventry, Foster, Glocester
4 Rep. Rene Menard 45 Cumberland, Lincoln
4 Rep. Karen MacBeth 52 Cumberland
4 Rep. John Edwards 70 Portsmouth, Tiverton
3 Rep. John McCauley 1 Providence
3 Rep. Gordon Fox 4 Providence
3 Rep. Steven Costantino 8 Providence
3 Rep. Joseph Almeida 12 Providence
3 Rep. Nicholas Mattiello 15 Cranston, Scituate
3 Rep. Tim Williamson 25 Coventry, West Warwick
3 Rep. William Murphy 26 Coventry, Warwick, West Warwick
3 Rep. Samuel Azzinaro 37 Westerly
3 Rep. Mary Ann Shallcross-Smith 46 Lincoln, Pawtucket
3 Rep. Christopher Fierro 51 Woonsocket
3 Rep. Agostinho Silva 56 Central Falls
3 Rep. Kenneth Vaudreuil 57 Central Falls/Cumberland
3 Rep. Elaine Coderre 60 Pawtucket
3 Rep. Helio Melo 64 East Providence
3 Rep. Raymond Gallison 69 Bristol, Portsmouth
3 Rep. Peter Martin 75 Newport
2 Rep. Peter Wasylyk 6 North Providence, Providence
2 Rep. Joanne Giannini 7 Providence
2 Rep. Anastasia Williams 9 Providence
2 Rep. Scott Slater 10 Providence
2 Rep. Joseph McNamara 19 Cranston, Warwick
2 Rep. Scott Guthrie 28 Coventry
2 Rep. Kenneth Carter 31 Exeter, North Kingstown
2 Rep. David Caprio 34 Narragansett, South Kingstown
2 Rep. Peter Petrarca 44 Johnston, Lincoln, Smithfield
2 Rep. Patrick O'Neill 59 Pawtucket
1 Rep. Edith Ajello 3 Providence
1 Rep. Eileen Naughton 21 Warwick
1 Rep. Frank Ferri 22 Warwick
1 Rep. Donald Lally 33 Narragansett, North Kingstown, South Kingstown
1 Rep. Brian Patrick Kennedy 38 Hopkinton, Westerly
1 Rep. Edwin Pacheco 47 Burrillville, Glocester
1 Rep. Thomas Winfield 53 Glocester, Smithfield
1 Rep. Peter Kilmartin 61 Pawtucket
1 Rep. Roberto DaSilva 63 East Providence, Pawtucket
1 Rep. John Savage 65 East Providence
1 Rep. Amy Rice 72 Middletown, Newport, Portsmouth
0 Rep. Grace Diaz 11 Providence
0 Rep. Peter Palumbo 16 Cranston
0 Rep. Robert Flaherty 23 Warwick
0 Rep. Michael Rice 35 South Kingstown
0 Rep. Mary Duffy Messier 62 East Providence/Pawtucket
-1 Rep. David Segal 2 East Providence/Providence
-1 Rep. John DeSimone 5 Providence
-1 Rep. John Carnevale 13 Johnston/Providence
-1 Rep. Arthur Handy 18 Cranston
-1 Rep. Raymond Sullivan 29 Coventry, West Greenwich
-1 Rep. Stephen Ucci 42 Cranston, Johnston
-1 Rep. Deborah Fellela 43 Johnston
-1 Rep. William San Bento 58 North Providence, Pawtucket
-2 Rep. Donna Walsh 36 Charlestown, South Kingstown, Westerly, New Shoreham
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Why the low rating for Steve Ucci?
Is there a -10 available for that pervert lover Handy?

Posted by: joe bernstein at October 7, 2010 3:39 PM

Awesome! Thank you for compiling this information. We all know how difficult our legislature has made it to actually check their voting records. You are doing everyone a great service by providing this information, which should be disseminated far and wide throughout RI before the election. You deserve some nice donations in gratitude from your readers!

Posted by: MadMom at October 8, 2010 9:35 AM

I couldn't agree with you more..
Somebody's got to tell it like it is!

Posted by: Stephen Green at October 27, 2010 5:33 PM
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