February 22, 2010

Moderate Party Kick-Off Event Video, Part 1

Justin Katz

After the Moderate Party's kick-off event, yesterday, Andrew and I had the opportunity to interview Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Block, Lt. Gov. Candidate Jean Ann Guliano, and Attorney General Candidate Chris Little. Here are the videos (click the extended entry for the latter two.)

A couple of quick thoughts:

  • Ken Block is more liberal than I'd thought. He's much more comfortable with the welfare industry than one would expect from a "fiscal conservative." Although he'll take the easy fruit of eVerify, I'm not so confident that he'd oppose amnesty-type programs. He sees same-sex marriage as a "civil rights issue" and would vote for it. And he's pro-choice. Interestingly, he referred to his upbringing when stating his views on abortion, as if being pro-choice is a religion into which one is raised.
  • It's a shame that the Republicans didn't recruit Guliano. If the GOP has no candidate, she's got a shot, and if she were the GOP candidate, I think her chances would have been good.

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"Ken Block is more liberal than I'd thought."

HA HA HA HA! On the other blog, he and his party have been ridiculed as "another Republican" and "conservative". So, just like the complaints against the ProJo, when both sides complain, I guess you really are in the middle, or "Moderate".

"If the GOP has no candidate..."

My hope is the GOP can get behind Bob Healey, as his candidacy makes the most sense.

Posted by: Patrick at February 22, 2010 8:33 AM

Ok, I just watched the first two videos, and on Ken, I sure as heck hope they don't use a rhinoceros as their party's symbol. I can't think of anything worse for this choice than them claiming to be a R(h)INO.

I also have to disagree with your "religion" assertion in Ken's answer about abortion. I think that's the messenger putting his own answer in there. I heard him say he grew up pro-choice. I didn't hear anything more there. I grew up pro-Democrat, I grew up pro-Red Sox, I grew up pro-American and anti-Russian, but I wouldn't say any of those is my "religion".

Jean Ann, I saw nothing in there that makes me want to support her as the Lieutenant Governor. She's basically saying she wants to be a conservative lobbyist. Great! Or she should be running for an Assembly seat. That'd be great too, her views on things would be great to add to the Assembly. But she says she wants to work with Ken or a conservative Governor on her views on what will be best for the state, or if her views are in conflict with the sitting Governor, it'll make her job harder. Harder to do what exactly? She can't sponsor legislation, she can't sign anything into effect, what will she do? Lobby people to do things? Why not run for Assembly and actually *DO* things?

Posted by: Patrick at February 22, 2010 8:58 AM

E-Verify is becoming a nationally known removal symbol, that the federal government introduced against unscrupulous employers who hire illegal labor. Most Liberal Democrats and even Republicans have tried to use their influence, to hide it from public attention. In partnership with certain members of our corrupt government, unions, the church and other groups sympathetic to the illegal alien cause or plain money economics, have used deceit, under funding or the off-switch, to dispose of the computer application. Sen. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi was the epitome of deception and nearly managed to table it in the Senate. Like any law that trespasses on business profits, E-Verify has been ascertained as full of errors and was worthless. It might have been to the advantage of pariah companies, but not to the 15 million Americans out-of-work. I'm an Independent, but I have thrown my lot in with the tea-baggers, hoping to rid the political parties of raw CORRUPTION.

Think on this! We are told we don't have the money to deport the 20 to 30 million already here? But states like SANCTUARY CALIFORNIA and across our nation, seem to locate the money for education, free health care treatment, prisons and a hundred and one hidden subsidies, that are denied to American's poor in many instances. Time and again, you will read that the PC run program is derogatory to citizens and green card holders alike, when if a E-Verify job applicant is rejected he can assert his rights at the Social security building in his community. SIMPLY STATING THAT NOBODY WITH INELIGIBLE DOCUMENTATION, WILL STAY AT A DISTANCE FROM THE SSA OFFICES. This is obviously not spelled out in the liberal press, associated websites or even negative bloggers comments. The Fact is they don't want to divulge the truth, to the general public and specially to all the working population.

Our immigration enforcement programs are upside down, because Washington and the open border lobbyists have engineered it that way. We legally in this country have never undertaken, to research the truth about the decades of neglect under different administrations. We have been taken to the cleaner's for years, because we never seriously asked questions because we didn't have access to lawmakers? But the Internet has changed all that and anybody today can unravel the truth about the millions of illegal immigrants squatting here. YOU THE TAXPAYER ARE FORKING OUT THE BILLIONS? SO YOU SHOULD GOOGLE THE TRUTH AND FIND OUT WHERE YOUR TAXES ARE GOING? While you about it, research SMARTBUSINESSESPRACTICES. dot.com. NUMBERSUSA.dot.com and read about the WASHINGTON AND STATE CORRUPTION AT JUDICIAL WATCH. dot. org

At the same time call those phonies at the Capitol switchboard 202-224-3121 and ask them why are they trying to sell us on another AMNESTY, when the last one was never enforced. At the same time asked them why they have cut-back on ICE raids or why Janet Napolitano isn't doing her Homeland Security (HSC) job properly and evidently listening to open border lobbyists. HS chief has deliberately cut funding for the State, county and city police training programs, so they can arrest illegal aliens and send them home. In addition E-Verify has been recommended in the future to unmask illegal immigrant fraudulent mortgages and loan restructuring, transportation drivers licenses, vehicle registrations, insurance and health care.irregularities. It could also be used to detect illegal aliens voting in our elections as well. Our country is overrun by not just job seeking illegals, but hardened gangs and a list of habitual criminals who have run rampant.

Be ready to deflate these tired old wealthy legislators brought and sold, beginning with the mid-term elections. PUBLIC UPROAR IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET THINGS DONE? American jobs for American people. One flag--One language. No Copyright. Copy and Paste.

Posted by: Brittanicus at February 22, 2010 2:27 PM


I'd thought you more insightful than to think that RIFuture and Anchor Rising lie at roughly equal distances from the political center. It only appears that way because neither RIFuture's funding nor Anchor Rising's intellectual interest have brought a right-wing blog comparable to RI Future on the right. (It's actually a complaint that I hear quite a bit from those to my political right, as well as those who are more partisan Republicans).

Regarding the "growing up" interpretation. Do you really not see that "growing up" believing that it is morally acceptable to kill unborn children in the womb is more like "growing up" believing that it is not morally acceptable to do so than like "growing up" with a practiced preference for a political party or sports team?

Posted by: Justin Katz at February 22, 2010 5:17 PM

It is true that AR is closer to the middle than RIF, quite often.

As for the "growing up", it was more your reference to "religion" that I disagreed with. The way I heard him say it was more to say that he's always believed in choice, that he's not someone who has recently, or at any time, changed his mind on the topic.

Posted by: Patrick at February 22, 2010 6:24 PM

And I should also say that the "HA HA" wasn't laughing *at* you, I just find it funny when I read the two blogs and they have exact opposite opinions about some of the same things, like "projo is so liberal" and "projo is so conservative". I just find different peoples' viewpoints on the same thing to be interesting.

Posted by: Patrick at February 22, 2010 9:30 PM

Well, that's part of the strategy of the leftists and unionists. If they say something outrageously far left and people compare it with something somewhat to the right, then the center moves halfway in their direction, in the views of some readers.

Posted by: Justin Katz at February 22, 2010 10:31 PM

Not too far to the left of Ken Block appears to be Rosie O'Donnell in this picture.

Posted by: George at February 23, 2010 10:03 PM
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