October 18, 2009

Rhode Island Voter Coalition Meet the Candidates Forum Video: Q&A 1

Justin Katz

The question and answer section of the Rhode Island Voter Coalition Meet the Candidates Forum pretty much began with what sounded like a withdrawal from the governor's race by Joe Trillo and the introduction of probable candidate Rory Smith and only got more interesting from there. Be sure to click the "continue reading" link for more videos.

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Just watched the whole thing, thank you very much for posting it here for us to watch.

I was blown away by Zaccaria. Clearly a very intelligent and independent man who believes in limited government and individual liberty. He is exactly the prescription for what is ailing this state. Needless to say, he doesn't have a chance.

Somebody needs to teach Wallin how to publicly speak. He comes off as very scripted and impersonal. Also, his answer to the woman's excellent and insightful question about the drug war was one of the most incoherent ramblings I have ever heard. Does he even understand that it is physically impossible to become addicted to marijuana?

More good points from Trillo fighting the good fight.

Posted by: Dan at October 18, 2009 9:52 AM
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