October 1, 2009

Gambling to be Murphy's Swan Song?

Marc Comtois

Current RI House Speaker William Murphy announced his retirement and it sounds like he'd like to get gambling done before he exits the stage (via 7 to 7):

A day after confirming his plans to leave the rostrum after next year, House Speaker William J. Murphy is saying the General Assembly needs to "revisit'' casino gambling.

He said he "would not be averse'' to putting another referendum question on the 2010 ballot, asking voters whether they would allow full-scale gambling.

"We have to look at it,'' he said.

During an interview with Buddy Cianci on WPRO-AM radio, Murphy, D-West Warwick, said he believes Rhode Island needs to pay close attention to what Massachusetts does on the gambling front, because any such move could make a huge dent in a major source of Rhode Island revenue.

He did not immediately specify whether he was talkiing about expanding the options at the state's two existing slot parlors: Twin River and Newport Grand. Murphy was a chief backer of the failed 2006 ballot proposal to allow a Harrah's-financed Narragansett Indian casino in his hometown of West Warwick.

Wonder if he has a future with a gambling interest in his plans?

This would tie in with Dan Yorke's thesis: That Murphy has been holding off on calling the House back to avoid the House having to consider legislation that could be submitted by those who want dog racing back at Twin River. If that were to occur, it would muck up the ongoing Twin River bankruptcy proceedings (change the revenue stream picture, etc.) and also ruin the expansion plans (ie; full-fledged casino), which is something Murphy doesn't want for personal and professional reasons. So, he's stalled on calling the House back to "bring around" some of the dog-racing proponents and, hopefully, until after the bankruptcy proceedings are over.

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Don't kid yourself. Murphy wants a full fledged casino up in Lincoln because he intends to work for one of their business allies. What he doesn't want is dog racing mucking up the "fix" that's in.
So comforting to know to fiscal shape of this imploding little state is irrelevant to the Impotent Emperor and his Assembly minions. This game being played by Murphy is all about his fiscal shape when he quits the Assembly this winter. Dan was right on in his commentary about the scumbag that is Bill Murphy.
Also loved Matt Allen's comments about Murphy bragging that his greatest accomplishment as the most powerful pol in RI is that he didn't raise broad based taxes. In other words Murphy is proud that he did N~O~T~H~I~N~G during his tenure as Speaker. ZERO! On that score me and the Impotent Emperor agree completely.
House Speaker William Murphy - the worst this state has ever seen. Historians will lay much of this fiscal nightmare at his feet. As his successor Gordon Fox would say, "you can put lipstick on Bill Murphy Governor Carcieri but it's still a pig."

Posted by: Tim at October 1, 2009 8:07 PM

Btw if anyone is interested in listening to Bill Murphy's lie-a-thon go to www.630wpro.com .. click ON AIR .. click BUDDY CIANCI then scroll down to Buddy's podcasts and have a listen. (Buddy is expert on Providence and Providence City Hall. Has moles everywhere. Always trust Buddy's info on Providence. But Buddy doesn't know the State House. No moles for Buddy. Yorke has the moles up there. Murphy took Buddy for a ride today. Dan Yorke cleaned up the highway after Murphy's carnage. Cleaned it up but gooooooood)
One of my favorite Murphy whopping lies is when the Impotent Emperor takes credit for pension reform. lol
Make that a double lol lol.
The very modest pension reform that was enacted during Murphy's tenure came about when dissident Democrats sent a message to Murphy by joining with the Governor and House Republicans to block passage of the budget. No pension reform no budget passes. Murphy's knees knocked, he caved and the pension reform was put up for a vote and passed.
What a reformer!! lol
When you're the House Speaker and you've done NOTHING for 7 years then you find in quite necessary to spin (lie) and take credit for a moment of political weakness. Then again what else does Murphy have? Pathetic!

Posted by: Tim at October 1, 2009 8:46 PM

Hey, easy on Murph. He did accomplish two things: tax cuts for the rich, and keeping Rhode Island out of the 21st century re: SSM.
I expect the next time we see him in public, he will be accompanied by the rather photogenic Ms. Jan Jones. He's a smart man, and I don't think he'd bolt the Assembly unless his future was fait accompli.

Posted by: rhody at October 2, 2009 3:18 PM

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