August 17, 2009

Through a Busy Weekend

Justin Katz

It was a weekend of events and video. First, I checked in from the Rhode Island Republican Assembly's "Victory over Statism" barbecue and posted video of the speeches (made possible with a camcorder funded via the advertising and reader donations by which we piece together a limited budget). The next day brought the National Organization for Marriage Rhode Island's celebration at Aldrich Mansion in Warwick, from which I also checked in and posted video.

Other issues on the table, this weekend:

  • Andrew noted a change in presidential emphasis on a public option in healthcare.
  • Teachers' unions maintained their emphasis on rigid and destructive personnel practices in Rhode Island's schools.
  • Bob Dylan maturely accepted that young police officers don't necessarily know who he is.
  • The Moderate Party of Rhode Island felt a bit of political undertow as the Board of Elections fielded calls from signers to remove their names from the party's birth petition, as it were.
  • And I tipped up my nose at the black-bladed windmill in the uncouth Rhode Island West.
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I worked on the bay every day last week including Saturday and Sunday. I left work early on Sunday and had a fine afternoon. This is indeed High Summer.

Posted by: Phil at August 18, 2009 9:06 PM
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