August 3, 2009

2010 Community Service Grants

Marc Comtois

Dan Yorke had former State Rep Nick Gorham (R-Westconnaug) on to discuss the General Assembly's 2010 "Rub-and-tugs". Like those last year and the year before, the list is long....The dollars spent are about half of that spent in 2008 (around $19 million versus $8.6 million), but just about the same as last year ($9.1 million). Tough financial times?

This year (like last) only the Department of Human Services ($2.7 million) and the Department of Elderly Affairs ($1.1 million) doled out more than $1 million (in 2008, 7 departments went over $1 million). Expect to soon see pics of local pols at senior centers or with "community action" groups as they execute drop-offs throughout the state. Heck, you too might be part of a group getting some face time. "Juz remembuh where you got dis from, 'K?"