August 2, 2009

... Did She Move to Rhode Island after Graduating?

Monique Chartier

From the UPI.

A 27-year-old Monroe College graduate is suing the New York school, contending it has done little to help her find a job.

Trina Thompson, who graduated in April with a bachelor's degree, alleges in a Bronx Supreme Court lawsuit that she did not receive adequate employment leads and advice from the school's office of career advancement, the New York Post reported Sunday.

"They have not tried hard enough to help me," the information technology degree graduate alleges in the July 24 suit.

Actually, as I recall, the procedure was to put in a thousand applications, do a thousand interviews, distribute a thousand resumes. Those of us who were not sufficiently motivated or energetic at least had the sense to either keep our mouths shut or limit our whining to a very small group of family or friends. Who knew about Option #3?!

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At first blush this story seemed a little foolish. On further thought, I realized that colleges do a lot of "marketing", which seems to include promises of employment. These may not be outright "promises:, but their ads are full of info about "98% of our grads are employed with 6 months", etc.

I know nothing of Monroe College and it may be beauticians school for all I know. I just went to its web site "The Monroe College mission of providing career-oriented education and training". That does sound like a trade school.

America only learns through litigation, so here we go.

Posted by: Warrington Faust at August 3, 2009 5:56 PM
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