June 24, 2009

Portsmouth Institute Table of Contents

Justin Katz

So the Portsmouth Institute's conference on "The Catholic William F. Buckley, Jr." has come and gone, and we who've returned to our ordinary lives — with both glass slippers, as it were — must move through our days as before, awaiting the next opportunity to glimpse the world through which the threads of history run. For my part, I've been grateful for the spurs to contemplation that have served to occupy my mind during damp days building a deck under a tarp. I'm also extremely grateful to Jamie MacGuire, first, for organizing the event and, second, for inviting Anchor Rising to participate.

Herewith are my excerpts, summaries, and reflections:

Day 1

"Portsmouth Institute Bill Buckley Conference, First Thoughts"
"The Erudite Father, Spiritual Enrichment, and the Personal Pianist": Fr. George Rutler (speech) and Lawrence Perelman (piano)

Day 2

"The Marriage Debate in the Wake of the Buckley Conservative Movement": Maggie Gallagher (speech)
"The Writerly Catholic on Mr. Buckley's Catholic Writerliness": Joseph Bottom (speech)
"Correcting a Misimpression, and the Charitable Speaker": Roger Kimball (speech)
"The Musical Pursuit of Life": (musical performances)
"The Liberal's Tempered Perspective": E.J. Dionne (speech)

Day 3

"The Journalist Who Believed Catholic Christianity to Be True" and "BREAKING: K-Lo Not Leaving NRO": Kathryn Jean Lopez (speech)
"The Professor and Friend": Lee Edwards (speech)
"Memories of William F. Buckley, Jr.": Neal Freeman, Dom Damian Kearney, James MacGuire, and Clark Judge (speeches)
"To the Final Notes": (choral performance)