April 17, 2009

A Disappointing Revelation of Character?

Justin Katz

I have to say that I'm disappointed at this quotation from Tom Sgouros in a Providence Business News article:

The burden of state and local taxes has shifted from upper-income to middle-income Americans over the last two decades, "so people have a right to be angry, because the vast number of people are paying more and getting less than ever before," Sgouros said. "But their response to it is short-sighted and dumb."

He said the demonstrators are "ignorant, because they choose not to learn about the issues they claim to speak about — and they’re afraid if they do learn about it, they will lose the purity of their opinions."

When I first began having exchanges with him, I would have said that Tom was above this sort of blunt insult and categorical psychoanalysis. Leaving open, as always, the possibility that context and editing might have affected his actual meaning somewhat, I find myself wondering whether increasing success is leading Mr. Sgouros to play to his audience or frustration that his success hasn't been greater has made him mean.

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Justin who is Tom Sgouros??
(a rhetorical question which makes my point quite nicely)

Posted by: Tim at April 17, 2009 7:24 AM

His arrogance is astounding.

Posted by: mikeinri at April 17, 2009 8:12 AM

"ignorant, because they choose not to learn about the issues they claim to speak about — and they’re afraid if they do learn about it, they will lose the purity of their opinions."

Funny, reading his OpEds, that's exactly what can be said about the views of Tom S on responsible government budgeting and how to grow a sustainable tax base.

Posted by: Monique at April 17, 2009 8:13 AM

Tom knows that he, Ocean State Action, the Poverty Institute, and the lefties leading the public sector unions all have the same problem: their arguments only hold together on the basis of ideology. In the face of real world evidence and logic, they crumble. But don't ask me -- go collect the views of the rank and file public sector union members who know that the underfunding of their pensions was caused by RI's explosion in social safety net spending over the past 20 years. I guarantee that most of these teachers, cops, firefighters, and municipal workers would love to "reach out" to Sgouros, Jerzyk and the like...but with a very different meaning than our local lefties attach to those words.

Posted by: John at April 17, 2009 9:27 AM

I actually like Sgorous because he makes me laugh sometimes. Actually, a lot of these pink hat liberals do, but he's one of my favorites.

I especially liked his recent comment on rifuture where he likened a group of people demanding lower taxes to asking the government to pave the road with cheese! I guess he hasn't studied history, because he would know that the revolution was fought over excessive taxation--which by today's standards would look moderate at best.

Allow me to do you all a favor and sum up Sgorous' philosophy in six words.

"Shut up, and pay your taxes."

Because that's the essence of his long winded columns and articles. He basically uses 1,000 word columns to say those six words. You will never hear The RI Policy Reporter come up with any solution, just reasons why we can't cut taxes and need to kowtow to unions and poor people.

Posted by: RAtkus at April 17, 2009 9:54 AM

It's funny how the "intellectuals" resort to throwing stones the minute you decide not to agree with them. I understand in his former occupation he performed as a mime. He should get his old job back.

Posted by: Red at April 17, 2009 9:59 AM

Sgouros gets peeved very quickly when he is not given his props on any subject.I don't know what his qualifications are,but I have learned not to take him seriously.
The RIFbots are always OUTRAGED about some thing or other and they like to DECRY anything that annoys their sensibilities.

Posted by: joe bernstein at April 17, 2009 7:18 PM

My local paper (The Standard Times) now has Sgouros doing the lead editorial.

I agree that the essence of his long winded columns and articles boils down to something like "Shut up, and pay your taxes". I'm surprised because his views are largely not those of South County, RI. (I could be wrong)

Even though I don't agree with his philosophy, his "logic" is largely obfuscatory. Anyone who can't write clearly shouldn't be getting published if the publisher expects to add value.

Posted by: Garacka at April 18, 2009 10:40 AM
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