October 10, 2008

Northern Exposure

Marc Comtois

In the wayback, I kinda enjoyed Northern Exposure, especially the quirky Alaskan Maggie O'Connell as portrayed by Janine Turner. Turner is a big Sarah Palin fan, pro-life and conservative.

I was always so proud to portray the spunky, self-reliant, smart Maggie O’Connell. Maggie flew her own plane, shot her own moose, marched to the beat of her own drum. She was a breakthrough television character at the time. I am very flattered when the comparisons are made between Maggie O’Connell and Governor Palin. I created a character, but Governor Palin is the real deal.

I am supporting Governor Palin with pride. I actually cried when I heard she was nominated and heard her acceptance speech via Fox News XM radio. (I was driving to Austin to film Friday Night Lights). I am supporting and applauding her character, moral fiber, intellect, feistiness, and spunk. She is the essence of the independent spirit of America — the pioneer spirit — the type of spirit that made and makes America great. I have always supported Senator McCain, and I am sure I would have supported his vice-presidential candidate, but Governor Palin has really motivated me. I am making public/press appearances to rally support for her ( Inside Edition, ABC News, Bill Bennett radio, etc) and I am also sporting a McCain/Palin bumper sticker on my car — which I am driving onto the FNL set) and wearing my McCain-Palin hat around town. I have also joined a fabulous group of women in a movement called, “Team Sarah” dedicated to advancing and defending Gov. Palin’s candidacy.

To preempt commenter "Rhody," there goes the Hollywood left-wing conspiracy.... (Though the east-coast intellectual one is alive and well).

Anyway, I'm heading north to Maine for the weekend and will be getting some northern exposure myself. It'll be interesting to hear how "my" people view the election up there. As a native, I can tell you that "real" Mainers--ie; not the transplants living around Portland--are an iconoclastic, independent-minded bunch (Perot did very well up there in '92). They don't have much time for a slick guy like Obama and they'll lend a sympathetic ear to John McCain. Not for nuthin' does the McCain camp consider Maine's 2nd district up for grabs. I'll see if there's any merit in that idea.

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I doubt Mainers will be much better disposed toward the GOP ticket. How many look at Sarah Palin and say "Damn, that should be Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins up there instead of this thing Karl Rove foisted on us?"

Posted by: rhody at October 10, 2008 8:56 PM

Gov. Palin is a sad example of hate speech and fear mongering. There's a ton of vicious hatemongering on both sides-- perpetrated mostly by people OUTSIDE bothe McCain and Obama camps. (Both camps are being negative, but the harshest stuff on right & left is OUTSIDE the candidates reach & control!) (eg Talk Radio). Poor McCain defends Obama to his town hall audience in Minnesota on Friday & gets booed-- but points for McCain for trying to stop viciousness there!
I support Obama and I grew up in Chicago 1962-1975... before Obama and Farrakhan. I oppose Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers-- and Barack Obama does too. He hates being endorsed by Farrakhan. Farrakhan is a RACIST just like the KKK and Obama knows this. Just because someone endorses YOU doesn't mean that you accept their support or that you are like them. David Duke is probably voting for McCain- what can Mccain do?! Obama is an anti-Farrakhan leader. Obama's faith is deeply Christian and non-Marxist. Bill Ayers as an academic (urban policy and education - 40 years past blowing things up.) Obama was on two nonprofit anti-poverty boards with Ayers years ago- not because he loves Ayers, but because the boards helped people. One was Waler Annenberg's board (Republican conservative Annenberg). We are on UN Committees with dictators & we tolerate their fascism to advance our agenda. Obama tolerated Ayers. To smear Obama with Ayers is rank McCarthyism - "guilt by association".
Hey, it is just the McCain camp deciding to try to change the conversation from how we are going to save out investments, pension & mortgages to crazyyy talk about irrelevant radicals from 40 years ago and crazy Muslim hate-preachers. I hate HATE. You guys hear it 24/7 on Talk Radio- irrational fear and hate of "socialism". Remember "The Paranoid Style of American Politics" (R. Hofstadter). Paranoia fueled by fear. It makes voters do stupid things, like boo their candidate in Minnesota. Foprcing McCain to lash out negatively. .
President Obama and Senator McCain after January 20 will work together to straighten out the mess. McCain is good for help in the Senate & bipartisan leadership there! Obama will talk to him & call on him. After Jan 20th as a Senate leader will be McCain's finest hour!

Posted by: Bluebeard at October 11, 2008 3:11 PM

Bluebeard, agree with your statements except for the last paragraph. I don't think McCain will be very effective or happy as a senator after losing, very likely getting blown away in the election,although I agree Obama will try and reach out to him. Whatever you can say about McCain, he has always been an honorable guy and the turn this campaign has taken must be disturbing to him. He quipped in the 2000 primary race that he "didn't want to be President in the worst way." Yet the events and the political hacks and surrogates in his campaign have pushed him into doing just that. All the McCain-Palin campaign is doing now is attempting to demonize Obama and simultaneously celebratizing Palin. She is the new Princess Di. I'm not even sure that the aim is political. It may be an attempt to set her up, not for another run in 2012, but for an entertainment/talk show type career post election. Going back to Juneau and arguing about funding sewer repairs in Fairbanks just isn't going to seem all that after what she's experienced. When McCain realizes this, and he may already have, he is going to feel very ill-used. I think.

Posted by: observer at October 11, 2008 5:58 PM
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