August 4, 2008

Jon Scott Applauds the Republican Floor Revolt on Energy Policy

Carroll Andrew Morse

Last week, Congressional Democrats voted to take their summer vacation without voting on a bill that would expand the Federally-owned lands and areas of the outer continental shelf that could be drilled for oil. In protest of the Democrats non-action, a number of House Republicans remained on the House floor after Friday's adjournment, making public calls for Congress to return and take a position on domestic drilling.

According to the Politico, the Republicans have returned to the House floor today to continue their protest...

House Republicans vowed to continue their talkathon on the House floor "as long as it takes," saying Monday they would continue their protest indefinitely if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does not allow for a vote on domestic oil drilling.

"There are plans underway to be here into next week," said Rep. Mike Pence, one of the organizers of the protest. "We will be here as long as it takes."

Republican First District Congressional Candidate Jon Scott has issued a statement applauding the efforts by the Republican members of Congress to take definite action on the energy issue…
Allow me this moment to applaud Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) and his Republican colleagues in the House of Representatives for exercising political courage on behalf of the American people. Last week's Republican floor revolt was an appropriate response to the Democratic majority's unacceptable failure to address our nation's energy concerns.

America faces an energy crisis that threatens our economy, standard of living and national security. Real leaders act in times of crisis. Nancy Pelosi, Patrick Kennedy and the Democratic majority failed America on Friday. They should be replaced.

Congress created this energy crisis, common sense can solve it. Congress must authorize more drilling. At the same time we need to pursue all alternative energy options including wind projects such as Cape Wind. We need to create solar panels, build nuclear power plants and use more natural gas. Every energy option must be placed on the table. Energy prices will drop when the supply increases.

The people of Rhode Island need representatives who are patriots first and party members second. Those who feel well served by the Democratic majority's failure to address the energy crisis should vote to send our current representatives back to Washington. Those being harmed by the burden of unprecedented and unnecessarily high fuel costs should vote for new representation in November.

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"We could save all the oil they're talking about getting off drilling if everybody was just inflating their tires (properly)"

Posted by: JP at August 5, 2008 10:30 AM

I had a flat tire on my car this afternoon and went to the Shell station on Hope Street at the Pawtucket line to fill it up. Let's just say that my neighbors are heeding the edict. There was a four car line!


Posted by: Jon Scott at August 5, 2008 5:36 PM

Let's just say that my neighbors are heeding the edict. There was a four car line!

What the Obamessiah commands, the sheep will obey.

Posted by: EMT at August 6, 2008 11:14 AM
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